It is my company policy to take my work-issued laptop home - will this invalidate my car insurance?

I have been told that it is company policy for me to take my work-issued laptop home each night from the office where I work. I travel to and from the office in my own car (not a company provided vehicle) and the insurance for the car covers social, domestic and pleasure as well as travelling to and from my place of work. Will I invalidate my car insurance by bringing the laptop to and from home in my car, as I will then technically be using my car for work-related purposes for which I am not insured?

Asked on 10 May 2019 by John

Answered by Tim Kelly
No, you won't, as you are not using it for a work-related purpose. You are travelling to and from a singular place of work, carrying something owned by your employer will not affect this. Should you travel to more than one place of work as part of your business that would.
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