My insurance was cancelled but I think my black box is faulty - what can I do?

I have had my insurance cancelled for doing 90mph in a 60mph zone. However, I know for a fact I have never sped to such as speed, I have also had no pre-warning of cancellation. Nor have I had any warning in the past of cancellation on the issue of speeding. I have emailed the insurance company and they replied saying I was exceeding 100mph and I simply haven't done that. Is there a way I can argue this and is there any way my black box could perhaps be faulty?

Asked on 10 May 2019 by Lewis Mason

Answered by Tim Kelly
Yes, you most certainly can. Request copies of the data they are relying on showing the satellite connectivity, the phone connection with an overlay of the road they have advised you have been speeding on. I hate black boxes with a passion for this reason, it is very very easy for them to fail and lose triangulation of reference points (it needs three points to identify speed). I have had many a case where it appears people have jumped passed the speed of light, yet were doing 20mph in traffic through a town. If the black box loses power, phone connectivity, GPS connectivity (weather can be a factor especially rain and bad weather) - in fact, there are myriad of things that can affect the readings. Raise a complaint and take to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
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