My son had his telematics insurance cancelled for exceeding a 60mph limit - is this extreme?

My 17 year old son has had a telematics box fitted for the full duration of his two months of driving since he passed his test. His driving has been improving generally with a general reduction of 30-40% to his next premium according to the dashboard but he has had his policy cancelled after two months due to not slowing down quickly enough on entry from a 60mph area to a 30mph limit and exceeding a 60mph limit on one occasion as he overtook a car that sped up as he did do.

I’m in no way defending his actions but it seems extreme that this will impact his premium for the rest of his life at 17 and he genuinely is a good driver. I’d really appreciate any good advice you may have to offer.

Asked on 29 August 2019 by RM

Answered by Tim Kelly
You need to raise a complaint with the insurer, then take to the Financial Ombudsman Service. There needs to be a number of warning prior to cancellation and the highway code does advise while overtaking to do so as swiftly as possible, I would argue it was necessary for him to exceed the limit if it may have been dangerous to not do so while overtaking or could have caused harm to others.

Ask the insurer for their documented statements on when and how they can cancel a policy whilst using a telematics device. Then ask them where it shows they can cancel the policy without warning after two occasions.
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