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I had a black box fitted for insurance and it damaged my car - who is liable?

A black box has been fitted to my car and they have caused faulty wiring and now the airbags/seat belts are not working. The box company have offered to pay half, my insurance company have also offered a 'gesture of goodwill'. How do I claim the full cost to repair my car? I have an independent report confirming the wiring was the cause and lots of photographic evidence to back up my claim. Who do I sue?

Asked on 7 March 2019 by roxy

Answered by Tim Kelly
You sue who you are in contract with, the installers of the black box are acting as the agent of the insurer, so it is the insurer who is liable. Raise a complaint with the insurer, advise that you will be suing them for breach of contract for the Tort under "interference of goods act" and advise you will be seeking recovery of your full losses plus inconvenience and compensation. Then take to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Alternatively, if the insurer does not fully compensate you, issue proceedings in the small claim court.
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