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How can I find out what damage a Cat C write off suffered?

I have the opportunity to buy a car but apparently, it is a Cat C (S) write off. The dealer says it was only a bonnet and side panel damage - how can I find out?

Asked on 7 May 2019 by tina

Answered by Tim Kelly
Avoid it like the plague. Never trust a dealer unless there are photographs of the vehicle before and after, estimate/engineers reports for what was required and copies of the invoices for parts fitted plus evidence that the vehicle has been repaired back to the original equipment manufacturers standard. A Cat C is a write off where the repair cost exceeded the market value - it would take more than a bonnet and side panel to do that. You have also advised that it is a Cat S. The car cannot be both. Cat S means the car has had structural damage. Why would you want to buy a car that has had structural damage? I would not even bother looking at it. Buy a car that has not been a total loss, much safer.
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