What should I look for when buying a Cat S or Cat N write off?

I'm looking to replace my 2002 Nissan Micra with something similar and am thinking of the Dacia Sandero. I have seen a few examples online for £3500 on a 16 plate but both were Cat S cars, now repaired. One said just the rear bumper was affected. The other said it was the front bumper and wing. Now Cat S is supposed to be structural damage - are the sellers being economical with the truth? I have also seen a Cat N model. Would these cars be worth looking at and if so, what checks should I do? Or is it best to avoid and go for another car with no previous accident damage, although it will be a bit older for the same money?

Asked on 27 June 2019 by K Egerton

Answered by Honest John
Avoid buying a previous total loss like the plague. It would be a foolish choice to make unless you know what you are doing, have seen the car before it was repaired, seen the damage, have copies of the repair methods used to repair the vehicle and evidence it has been done to this standard. Never ever trust a salesman. Yes, the sellers are being economical with the truth.
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