My wife and I now share one car - is there any way we can both keep our no claims bonus?

Having recently retired we are now using one car. Our comprehensive insurance is in my name with my wife as a named driver. Until recently this policy had my wife's car included. I am informed by the insurer that as my wife no longer has her own car and therefore insurance in her name that she will lose her no claims bonus after two years. This seems unreasonable - currently, my wife (and I) have maximum no claims bonus. Is there any way of protecting my wife's no claim bonus?

Asked on 8 April 2019 by Edward Gregory

Answered by Honest John
I agree, another insurer con. All you can do is have your wife insure another car before the end the two years to maintain it. If you are both using one car, it should not matter. What you could do is have you wife insure the car in her name next year, then swap over to you insuring it the year after, thereby maintaining both full no claims. There is nothing to say you cannot do this.
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