I had to make a claim as a named driver on my wife's policy - do I have to inform my insurer of this when I renew my policy?

During the recent storms, I was driving my wife's car as a named driver and as I was parking, the wind tore the door out of my hand and a car parking next to me damaged our door. Being in control of the car I had to accept blame. The insurers told me that as the car is insured in my wife's name her no claims bonus will be reduced from five years to three. I assume we will also have to pay an increased premium on renewal of her policy. I have my own car whereby my wife is a named driver on my policy. How will we stand on renewing my policy, do we have to declare the accident there too and get punished twice?

Asked on 8 April 2019 by Barrie Lindsey

Answered by Tim Kelly
Good question. The answer, unfortunately, is yes from an insurers view. They will ask if any person on the policy has made a claim. As this was not an accident under the road traffic act, I would be arguing that you have not made a claim, but that a claim was made on your wife's policy. Do not use the word "accident" use the word "incident. It could be argued it was an "act of God", as you have not been negligent in your actions.
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