My wife had a no-fault accident in our family car - do I need to tell the insurers when I renew my policy?

My wife had a non-fault accident (a third party drove into the rear) in the family car, which I own and is insured in my name with her as a named driver. I have a fun weekend car and motorbike. When I change the insurance for those, do I have to declare the accident even though it was my wife who had it and made the claim?

Asked on 11 March 2019 by Gareth James

Answered by Honest John
If your car has been involved in an incident, your wife is the named driver on the policy, both things will flag up on the Claims and Underwriting Exchange. You could try and feign ignorance and advise you thought you did not need to, as it was not your fault and your wife was driving. It still will not matter, as they still ask "has your wife had any accidents or claims in the last five years". With insurers, always tell them everything, never give them an opportunity not to pay out in the event you need to make a claim.
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