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My car was written off but the cost of repair is far less than the value - is this right?

My 2009 car was damaged in an accident after skiding off the road into a ditch. My insurers says the car is valued at £8960 and have written it off with category N. The cost of repair is given as £2717 by the engineer but he says this cost may double if there is suspension or mechanical damage when the vehicle is cleaned.I have an excess of £3000 with the insurance. They have stated a salvage value of £2240. What does this mean and should I buy the car back?

Asked on 28 December 2018 by B Uss

Answered by Tim Kelly
This sounds like an insurer that I have had dealings with before. If your car is valued at £8960, your car is not a total loss. If the cost of repair is £2717, and you have an excess of £3000, then it is not in your interest to claim. Why would you want to buy back a car you already own? If is your car and not theirs - the contract you have with them should indemnify you up to the market value. It would appear they are trying to con you.

Start with the facts, get the car back in your control (do not let them control your asset) and arrange to have the vehicle inspected by an independent engineer to evidence the cost of repair. You then know where you stand. Your insurer cannot write off a car they do not own. If the repair cost is more than £3000 insist they repair your car. If it is less, cancel the claim.
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