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A friend can't afford to replace his now written off car - what can he do?

A friend passed his driving test and purchased his first car six months ago. A few days ago he was stationary at a road junction waiting to join the main road. While waiting, another car drove into the back of him - the driver admitted pressing the accelerator instead of the brake and took full responsibility for the accident. My friend reported the matter to his insurance company who say they will write off the car as the cost of repairs exceed the car's value. They will also deduct the policy excess which means the lad will be left with insufficient money to replace the vehicle which had passed its MoT that morning without any problem. It will also mean for him a serious financial loss which he cannot afford as a student. Can you help?

Asked on 7 September 2018 by FriarsCliff

Answered by Tim Kelly
He will be reimbursed his excess from the at fault insurer. Or if they have already admitted liability to his insurer, then his insurer should have no need to deduct his excess and should waive it. The value placed on the vehicle should be an accurate market value where he can replace it for one of "the same make model year mileage specification and conditions as to the one he had". He should have no financial loss.
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