My car was written off at no fault of my own - can I claim any future premium increase from the other insurer?

A driver recently pulled out from behind a parked car and hit my 2004 Audi A8 quattro. I've been offered £3400 as an uneconomical repair. My insurance is with Elephant UK and theirs is with Diamond, which are both part of Admiral. So, effectively, I'm dealing with the same person regardless of who I ring. I've spoke with Elephant in the morning, then Diamond n the afternoon, only to be told that I've already spoken to them that day. My insurer has not got my best interests at heart and are not trying to get me the best deal. Am I entitled to personal compensation for the inconvenience of this accident and can I seek any future price rise from the third party insurer for the next five years?

Asked on 12 January 2018 by jaspa

Answered by Tim Kelly
I would suggest contacting a claims management company or solicitor to ensure there is no conflict of interest. You are entitled to any out of pocket expense incurred as a result of the other parties negligence. Should it be your premium increase due to "needing" to make a claim, then it would follow that you should be able to pursue any increase in premium that you would otherwise not have incurred.
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