A truck hit my daughter's car at a roundabout, but their insurer won't respond - what do we do?

My daughter recently had an accident when a M&S truck caught the side of her car at a roundabout. She is insured by LV and the M&S truck is insured by Zurich. LV cannot seem to get a response out of Zurich, the general view is that the truck was at fault as my daughter was in the inside lane and was ahead of the truck but the roundabout was obstructed by stationery cars and a small gap was available for a car to get through but not a truck. My daughter started from the lane she was in, as did the truck, who swung into the offside of her car. She has not been able to get the car repaired and does not wish to lose her No Claims by making a claim on LV until Zurich have replied. She has suggested writing to the CEO's but my feeling reading earlier questions that there may be a better route to follow at this stage.

Asked on 12 January 2018 by Johnd44

Answered by Tim Kelly
The other party has three months from the date of the incident to respond. Then your insurer should issue proceedings against them. Alternatively, do not use your insurer, and issue proceedings directly against the truck driver's haulier company. Quantify your loss by having your daughters vehicle inspected by a qualified independent expert witness engineer: www.iaea-online.org/

Go on claims online and claim for that amount. It can take a long time but it does work. Alternatively, engage the services of an accident management company or solicitor to do this for you.
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