Someone reversed into me in traffic but now claims I drove into them - what should I do?

I was stationary at traffic lights when the vehicle in front of me went ahead and was waiting to turn right into a side road. I stayed stationary as I knew the lights would soon change and I wouldn’t want to risk it, the other driver clearly did.
When the lights changed she reversed back and stopped metres away from my car. The lights changed again and she reversed at full speed and hit my stationary vehicle. She admitted fault and apologised but said she wouldn’t want to go through insurance due to the increase in premium. I had to report this to my insurer, she now claims that I hit her rear. I have an independent witness who came up to me and provided his details. I have a full statement which confirms that I was stationary and that the other driver reversed into me. What should I do?

Asked on 3 December 2018 by christie

Answered by Tim Kelly
Make sure your insurer is fully informed of everything you have said and communicates with the witness, inform your insurer you hold the other party 100% wholly liable for the incident, then claim any increase in premium off the at fault party. It's a good idea to invest in a dash cam in case something similar happens in the future.
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