When it comes to claims - how far back do insurance companies expect you to go?

When requesting an online insurance quote I know you have to declare all claims, but how far back do insurance companies expect you to go back, or do they only go back so many years? Do you reckon it was makes sense, economically or otherwise, to protect your NCD?

Asked on 5 July 2018 by

Answered by Tim Kelly
This is an interesting question as the 2015 insurance act stipulates an insurer can only ask questions that are relevant. Under the statute of limitations you have six years to raise a claim. That can be anything from rejecting goods and services to making an insurance claim. You might wonder what relevance this has to your question - this is the time period an insurer should need to know how long someone could claim against you.

After that the insurer should not need to know. In the past, Insurers would ask for any accidents claims or convictions in the last three years (the period of time points might stay on your licence) then it morphed in to five. Now, on price comparison sites, they will ask have you 'ever' had an accident claim, or any convictions. I believe this may well be in breach of the 2015 insurance act, GDPR and that statute of limitations. As for the NCD, it depends on your risk. High risk yes, low risk no.
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