Does having more than 9 years no claims bonus lower your insurance or is that the limit?

I have 29 years no claims bonus gained through various insurers and supported by Proof of Bonus documentation. In my experience most insurers, or quotes via online comparison sites, state their maximum allowed bonus is 9+ years.

Whether or not any additional discount beyond 9 years entitlement is applied to the policy, the actual accrued years must have some bearing on the premium. The policy application process via unsuitable binary questions, or by unconvincing online chats/emails with Customer Service Representatives, can be contradictory and unhelpful. Is there any official guidance for clarity?

Asked on 12 June 2024 by Ian

Answered by Louise Thomas
The amount of no claims discount applied by insurers can vary - some may categorise it as ‘9+ years’, while others may do ‘25+ years’. But your driving experience and the number of years you’ve held your licence also plays a factor in how much you pay for your car insurance. So experienced drivers will benefit from better pricing, even if your insurer caps your discount at a lower threshold than others.
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