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I hit a cyclist at a junction - if he claims will I lose my No Claims Bonus?

Yesterday I had an accident with a cyclist. I was at fault; I went into the back of him at a junction on a roundabout. I expected him to move as I had seen the traffic was clear to my right, so I moved off but he didn't. I clearly damaged his carbon fibre bike, although he was not injured and my car was not damaged. I took him and his bike home afterwards. He now wants to claim on my insurance for the damage. My insurers say he has to make the claim, I cannot claim on behalf of him. He estimates around £1500. I have over 12 years no claims and I have no claims protection. Will my premium suffer in these circumstances? Should I just tell him to go ahead and claim?

Asked on 2 July 2018 by Robert Malston

Answered by Tim Kelly
If you have damaged the carbon frame, his bike is not repairable, he would require a new one. Contact your insurer, advise them of the incident and provide his details to them advising he wishes to make a claim. Some insurers have contracts in place with bike suppliers, so they might be able to arrange a replacement. Provide him your insurer's details and advise he makes a claim. Yes, your premiums will rise and you will have lost one of your 'lives' on your protected no claims. You will still have full no claims though.
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