I sold a car but the insurance is valid for a couple more months - can I drive another person's car on that policy?

I sold my car a couple of days ago and my insurance policy runs until the end of July. On that policy, I’m covered for third party liability when I drive another car with the owner’s permission. In June, will I be legally entitled to drive my mother-in-law's car (I am not a named driver on her policy) to be serviced and MoT’d 30 miles away?

Asked on 9 May 2018 by gramar

Answered by Tim Kelly
If you no longer own the vehicle, cancel your insurance. If the buyer of your car has an incident in that vehicle whilst covered under your insurance, your insurer is liable. They then have the entitlement to claim that loss off you. You have no insurable interest in your old vehicle as you have sold it, this makes your policy invalid. Insuring yourself on your mother-in-law's policy is your best option.
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