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  • Nissan X-Trail T31 diesel 150bhp - Consistence of fuel brands. 13 Nov 2021 (Forum)
    Gone through 3 tanks of Shell v power diesel over the last few months. Averaged between 41 to 44MPG. All three tanks where from same filling station just off M6 near Preston. On the last tank we went on holiday over to North Yorkshire. That tank full gave me 43.6MPG
  • Not enough torque pulling away. Clever Land Rover. 22 May 2021 (Forum)
    Seen this on a few threads. Even newer cars mentioned that either have to be revved hard to pull away or otherwise will stall. Credit to Land Rover, my V reg manual TD5 has anti-stall. The TD5 engine is not the most torquey low down, possibly because of the disco gear ratios as it might
  • My dash cam can't go behind the rearview mirror. Where should I place it? 10 May 2021 (Ask HJ)
    I'm thinking of fitting a dash cam to my 2016 Honda HR-V but the large sensor housing on the windscreen does not allow me to fit it behind the rearview...
  • seat leon mk3 1.6tdi - Seat leon electrical gremlins - anyone any thought 6 May 2021 (Forum)
    Mileage: 108266 km Date: 2021.04.29 Time: 15:09:38 Terminal 30 power supply: 12.2 V Terminal 15: On ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 44: Steering Assist (J500) Labels:| 5Q0-909-144.clb Part
  • Any - E10 petrol - from September 25 Apr 2021 (Forum)
    , one from 2008 (FR-V 1.8) and one from 2003 (Element 2.4 import). Both have been faultless running on a mixture of E5 and V-Power (more V-Power than E5 generally).  The Gov website advises that both cars will accept E10 without issue, which will be cheaper to buy,  So why am I
  • Volkswagen Polo gets bold styling updates for 2021 23 Apr 2021 (News)
    , three-cylinder engines in 80PS, 95PS and 110PS guises. The lesser powered models come with a manual gearbox as standard, although the 95PS version gets the option of a seven-speed DSG automatic gearbox if you pay a bit extra. The 110PS variant gets the DSG auto as standard. Volkswagen hasn't
  • Honda unveils all-new 2021 HR-V 22 Apr 2021 (News)
    .   The 2021 Honda HR-V is powered by a petrol hybrid powertrain found in the latest Jazz , it produces 131PS and 253Nm of torque courtesy of the 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine and two electric motors hidden under the bonnet.  Honda hasn't released
  • What used, petrol SUVs are worth looking at? 16 Apr 2021 (Ask HJ)
    I've been looking at a used Honda CR-V for my next car. I like a large boot and feeling higher up in the vehicle. I've test-driven a petrol one as I do...
  • Introduction of E10 fuels 1 Mar 2021 (Forum)
    Scheduled for September but I understand that it’s not without its potential problems for both petrol and diesel cars, especially the older ones. what will be the alternative and will this mean changing to super unleaded and V power diesel?    
  • New 2021 Nissan Qashqai revealed with more space and hybrid tech 18 Feb 2021 (News)
    the latest version of Nissan’s V-Motion grille – one that’s bigger and bolder than ever before – and its size is pronounced by the fact that it is flanked by a pair of slim LED headlights. Top-end models getting matrix versions that allow you to use your full beams in oncoming traffic
  • More than 43,000 Peugeot and Citroen models recalled for brake issue 11 Feb 2021 (News)
    to update the software for the “Integrated Electronic Brake” (IEB). The notice says that reduced braking power could extend the vehicle’s stopping distance and increase the risk of a crash. Since mid-December, Vauxhall has begun recalling over 12,200 Corsas for a "possible
  • Any? - Peaking Capacitor Spark Plugs 7 Feb 2021 (Forum)
    to it. A (the main?) commercial implementation. Plugs with an internal capacitance claimed to give higher energy better timed spark. Fairly restrained pitch. Unsubstantiated claims for power and fuel economy, but that’s pretty much industry
  • Peugeot 3008 1.2 - should the low mileage be a worry? 2 Feb 2021 (Forum)
    in the closest thing we have to a metropolis i.e. Perth (the 'ahem' 'rush hour' lasts for about 30 mins and I'm not ever there being semi-retired). Does anyone think that the low mileage might be an issue or just check for engine management lightsand fill her up with v-Power and give her a good blast if I
  • Looking for a family hybrid SUV for city and country life 22 Dec 2020 (Ask HJ)
    I am recently married, in my early 30s and with a newly acquired lurcher puppy. My wife and I live in London, but often frequent our my family's farm in...
  • Can you advise me on buying a hybrid SUV for long journeys? 14 Dec 2020 (Ask HJ)
    I'm seeking a reliable hybrid (possibly electric) SUV 4WD that is sufficiently comfortable, economical and powerful to use chiefly for lots of 600-mile...
  • PARKING FINES. What are my rights regarding parking penalties for parking in private carparks? (FAQs)
    is. This County Court judgement does not overrule Beavis v Parking Eye, Supreme Court, 2015, which concerned a short overstay in a shopping centre carpark. 5-5-2017: In Scotland, the registered keeper of a vehicles is not required to identify the driver of a car that committed a private parking breach
  • SPEEDING DEFENCES 3: Is incorrect use of a speed measuring device a valid defence against conviction for speeding? (FAQs)
    (restrictions include near power lines) * The equipment must be working properly. * Evidence must be disclosed to the defence 7 days before the trial on request or it becomes inadmissible. * If you don't know who the driver was at the time of the alleged offence you may
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI vs Golf R - which is better? 17 Nov 2020 (Ask HJ)
    Which would be most appropriate for everyday use, a second-hand Golf GTI or a used Golf R?
  • Can you suggest a reliable, petrol, used 4x4 SUV? 11 Nov 2020 (Ask HJ)
    We're trying to choose a reliable, used, automatic, five-seater SUV or estate for £12-16k. It can't be diesel and needs to be able to manage a family of...
  • Looking for a new Compact SUV 4 Oct 2020 (Forum)
    Hi  Small Bio: American single dad living just outside of Paris with a 6 year old girl. I am a proud owner of a 2012 Honda Jazz 1.4 CVT. A very good car but I am thinking I need something a little bigger, and more powerful. I want a subcompact/compact SUV for the bigger boot

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