Supermarket fuel v branded fuel - which is best?

I have a question for you about what is the best, most suitable fuel (petrol) to put in my recently bought 2019 Kadjar S Edition 1.3 TCe 140 EDC with 21K on the clock. I only use my car for social journeys, no regular motorway driving.

There is so much online discussion about fuel quality, fuel additives, etc in relation to how it affects your engine. What do you think is best?

Asked on 27 March 2024 by Brian Cullin

Answered by David Ross
There is no evidence to suggest that supermarket fuel is inferior quality, as they conform to the same British standards as any other fuel sold and are supplied by many of the same large refineries. Premium fuels such as Shell V-Power may offer additional benefits thanks to additives designed to reduce wear, but you should experience no problems from using supermarket fuels.

Fuel additives may bring additional benefits in terms of engine cleanliness, but it is a matter of balancing the expense of additional products against what you are trying to achieve. Timely and comprehensive maintenance is the most important factor if you aiming for reliability and longevity of your vehicle.
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