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  • Review: Suzuki DL650 V-Strom 2017 (productReview)
    also affordable with prices starting at a little over £7000. The V-Twin engine isn’t powerful enough to set the road ablaze, with a respectable 71PS at 8800rpm. But peak torque of 62Nm comes in at 6500rpm and there’s still plenty of punch available at even lower engine speeds. From around 4000
  • Top 10: Best vacuum cleaners 2019 (Article)
    . Black&Decker 2.4V Dustbuster - £19.24 The Dustbuster range is vast, but this 2.4V version is the cheapest handheld version that plugs in at home. You can have more expensive 3.6V and 72.V versions for a little more money, but even this model has respectable power and a decent 370ml capacity. Von
  • BEST FUELS: Which are currently the best fuels. Where can I buy fuel cheapest? And what should I use to protect older engines against corrosion from ethanol in petrol? (FAQs)
    Shell V-Power Nitro+ petrol and Shell V-Power Nitro+ diesel. It costs around 8p a litre (5.7% more) more than Shell Fuelsave or Shell ordinary premium fuels, but in my experience gives 9% better mog Previous feedback was that BP Ultimate diesel was the best diesel giving smoother
  • Top 10: Women’s hybrid bikes (Article)
    and this Axle model has lots of appealing features. The alloy frame helps to keep the weight down to around 13kg and the top tube has a gentle curve for easier mounting. The Shimano gearset has 21 ratios to keep you going on all inclines and the Tektro V-brakes offer plenty of stopping power. Available in 16
  • Top 10: Best lawnmowers 2019 (Article)
    roller mower Looking for that premium striped finish? Then you’ll need a high-quality roller mower, such as this Atco Liner 22SH V. The company has a long history of producing high-end lawnmowers and the Liner is another fine example; it has a 53cm cutting width, a powerful Honda engine, a large
  • Review: Ducati SuperSport 2017 (productReview)
    Exotic Italian looks, superb performance, beautiful handling and a glorious V-twin soundtrack have made the Ducati the dream bike for almost every motorcyclist. Sadly, in reality, the price and harsh riding position proves all a bit too much. Thankfully Ducati has an answer. And it's called
  • February 2019 DVSA recall round-up: Over 140,000 Hondas added to Takata airbag recall 14 Feb 2019 (News)
    Honda is recalling 141,321 cars fitted with potentially dangerous Takata airbags. The UK-wide safety notice affects Accord, Jazz, Insight and CR-V models built from February 2010 to May 2015. The DVSA recall states that the passenger airbag inflators may rupture and cause
  • Review: Moto Guzzi V7 II 2016 (productReview)
    . But it feels more substantial than many A2 machines, so would also suit a more experienced biker looking for something easy-going yet enjoyable. Being a Moto Guzzi, the V7 II is powered by a transverse-mounted V-twin – hence the two chunky cylinders that stick out from either side of the bike under
  • Review: Suzuki SV650 2017 (productReview)
    Just £5700. In the world of full-power, unrestricted category A motorcycles, that’s not very much money. In fact, it’s about the minimum you can spend – go any lower and you’re looking at A2-friendly, lower-power bikes. And yet here’s the Suzuki SV650 – a characterful, capable and fun-to-ride
  • Top 10: Hondas that aren’t cars (Article)
    , with up to six passengers on board. The small aircraft is capable of travelling 483mph and has a maximum range of 1358 miles. Customers should start receiving their HondaJets this year. The price? Around £2.5m. Honda HF lawn tractor Powered by a 530cc V-twin engine, the HF lawn tractor has a five
  • Review: Sony PlayStation 4 Pro games console (productReview)
    What is it? The PS4 Pro is Sony’s more powerful update of the PlayStation 4 games console, released three years after the original. Mainly, it adds 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) graphics to the 2013 PS4’s spec sheet, as well as an upgraded processor, better
  • Honest John’s Motoring Agony Column 20-04-2019 Part 2 16 Apr 2019 (News)
    Wheeling them in does anyone do these parking conversions any more? Looks brilliant RO, via
  • Honest John’s Motoring Agony Column 06-04-2019 Part 2 4 Apr 2019 (News)
    Clegg v Olle Andersson (trading as Nordic Marine) House of Lords, 2003, there is no time limit on such a claim. Tell them that if they do not assume responsibility for all faults that occur during the warranty period you will sue them for all of the repairs. See
  • Honest John's Motoring Agony Column 02-03-2019 Part 1 1 Mar 2019 (News)
    was changing down a gear. I wasn't going fast and it was a scary experience, as the power steering became very difficult to control. However I called the AA and they got me back to the garage that fitted it. They had the car for a couple of days, and I was advised that the problem had been faulty wiring
  • Honest John's Motoring Agony Column 20-04-2019 Part 1 16 Apr 2019 (News)
    . Diesels ran better on Ultimate; petrols better on Optimax. (Shell Super hasn't actually been called Optimax for at least 5, maybe 10 years, when it became V-Power with 99RON.). Tesco Momentum is also 99RON, but lacks the Shell additive package. Your friend's BMW inlet valves will have become caked
  • Honest John’s Motoring Agony Column 13-04-2019 Part 2 12 Apr 2019 (News)
    examiners view assisted hill start. I would guess that since it is a safety innovation they have to accept it. As for traction control, sometimes, for example to get out of snow, it can be beneficial to switch it off and spin the wheels. Leave it on and as soon as the TCS detects wheelspin it cuts power
  • Honest John's Motoring Agony Column 23-03-2019 Part 1 21 Mar 2019 (News)
    . Judder-nought In August I bought a 2015 Mazda 2 1.5 Skyactiv G 115 manual, which has now done 20,000 miles. I was getting 'clutch judder' when starting off when cold. I thought hey-ho, there goes the clutch and monitored it. As it happens, a couple of weeks ago I started to use Shell V-Power
  • Top 15: Must-have kit for the classic car owner (Article)
    of welding. This gasless MIG welder from Draper features a four-stage power setting, thermal overload protection and a variable wire speed control. It also comes with an earth clamp, 0.8mm flux cored wire, chipping hammer/brush and a face mask – and all for the special offer price of £141. Go
  • Honest John's Motoring Agony Column 01-02-2019 Part 1 31 Jan 2019 (News)
    120 miles.) The only inefficiency comes from the extra weight of the plug-in's higher capacity batteries, typically 40kWh-64kWh, whereas a self-charging hybrid such as the latest Honda CR-V hybrid, has a much smaller, lighter battery. Of course, if they are not driven far enough regularly enough, boy
  • Honest John’s Motoring Agony Column 30-03-2019 Part 2 29 Mar 2019 (News)
    hybrid or a plug-in petrol hybrid make the most sense. Lots of new ones being introduced all the time. Honda's new CR-V hybrid is excellent:  /road-tests/honda/honda-cr-v-hybrid-2019-road-test/  New Toyota RAV-4
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