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  • VIDEO: DS 3 Crossback review - too French for its own good? 25 Nov 2019 (News)
    You can't accuse the DS 3 Crossback of being bland, but in the quest for originality the company has arguably compromised in too many places. Oh, and it's expensive too.  Click play below to watch Mark expain all in our latest video review... 
  • Vauxhall says UK jobs will be safe in Fiat Chrysler merger with Peugeot Citroen 31 Oct 2019 (News)
    plants. PSA Group, which owns Peugeot, Citroen, DS, Opel and Vauxhall, will join forces with FCA - the company behind Fiat, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, Dodge, Jeep and Maserati. The board of directors at both PSA and FCA have agreed to work towards a 50/50 merger, which will see
  • Car dealers closing as new car sales plummet 5 Nov 2019 (News)
    dealership firm Pendragon, which recently announced plans to close 22 of its 34 Car Store sites. Most car manufacturers saw a drop in registrations last month, with niche manufacturers like Alpine, Bentley, DS, Lexus and Porsche bucking the trend. Out of the mainstream brands, MINI, Renault
  • Honest John’s Motoring Agony Column 26-10-2019 Part 2 24 Oct 2019 (News)
    are there. A cheap diesel might make sense. Otherwise, not much performance but good at the pumps, a Yaris 1.33, a Jazz, etc. For more fun, a Mazda 2. Minding his Ds
  • Honest John’s Motoring Agony Column 18-01-2020 Part 2 16 Jan 2020 (News)
    .   Minding his Ds and Qs  You have more than once warned about problems with certain VW automatic gearboxes. We have a 2016 VW Passat 2.0 estate auto and a 2018 Polo 1.0 auto. Will these have the unsatisfactory gearboxes? If we buy a Skoda Karoq could this have the problems
  • Honest John's Motoring Agony Column 07-12-2019 Part 1 5 Dec 2019 (News)
    be able to recharge an electric while parked. I’ve even considered an MX-5. I’ll probably run it until it dies, so I’m thinking a low mileage second hand car might be the best solution. What do you suggest? DS, via email I think the way to go is petrol self
  • Honest John's Motoring Agony Column 02-11-2019 Part 1 31 Oct 2019 (News)
    :// / Next, they might have missed the opportunity to fix the problem in the 2019 L551 Evoque diesel - something which would presumably seal the fate of the DS refresh model
  • Historics Auction Results 23rd November 2013 at Mercedes Benz World, Brooklands. 23 Nov 2019 (News)
    1971 Citroen DS Safari. Est £11,000-£14,000. £10,000 not sold 235 1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 1/2 Roadster 3 Webers. Est £60,000-£70,000. £95,200 sold
  • Goodwood 2015: DS Automobiles makes first ever appearance 26 Jun 2015 (News)
    Rebellious Citroen offshoot DS Automobiles, the newly formed standalone company that manufactures the DS range, will make its debut appearance as a proper company at this year’s Goodwood festival. It will use the event to try
  • Citroen to Promote DS Brand at London Classic Car Show 13 Dec 2014 (News)
    Citroen will be exhibiting DS models from the past 60 years as part of its plan to establish DS as a separate brand. The Citroen DS19 was first shown to the public in 1955, making the futuristic DS
  • Citroen puts fashion first in new DS Performance Line 1 Sep 2016 (News)
    Further distancing its high fashion DS range from mainstream Citroens, the company has launched a DS Performance Line. Though two of the models can be ordered with the 210PS 1.6 litre petrol motor, the emphasis is more on looks, paint, and materials than on outright
  • Paris Motor Show 2018: DS 3 Crossback revealed 2 Oct 2018 (News)
    Citroen's upmarket offshoot DS Automobiles has uncovered its new compact crossover at the Paris Motor Show 2018. The DS 3 Crossback will go on sale in 2019 and will be offered with petrol, diesel or electric
  • Citroen DS 60th Anniversary Begins 23 Jan 2015 (News)
    Back in 1955, the launch of the remarkable Citroen DS19 stunned the World. No one had ever seen anything like it. It was a technological marvel that actually looked like one. Now, DS is a separate brand
  • DS 3 Crossback priced from £21,550 11 Feb 2019 (News)
    The DS 3 Crossback will start at £21,550 when it arrives in UK showrooms in May 2019. Set to replace the ageing DS 3 hatchback in the French firm's line-up, the DS 3 Crossback is intended to rival premium crossovers such as the Audi Q2 and BMW X2. Buyers can
  • Techno Classica 2015: Citroen celebrates 60 years of the DS 16 Apr 2015 (News)
    Citroen celebrated 60 years of the Citroen DS at this year’s Techno Classica car show in Essen, Germany. But it also had some rare treats in store for visitors...
  • Style with substance: Citroen unveils all-electric DS 3 Crossback 13 Sep 2018 (News)
    DS  is expanding its crossover line-up with the launch of the DS 3 Crossback. The all-new model will replace the ageing DS 3 hatchback in 2019 and be offered with petrol, diesel or electric power
  • Scrappage schemes launched by Peugeot, Citroen and DS 8 Sep 2017 (News)
    Peugeot, Citroen and DS launch scrappage schemes offering up to £6400 off a new model when you trade in your old car. Customers must have owned a car of any make and model for more than 90 days can trade it in and receive a scrappage allowance off selected new petrol
  • DS reveals all models will be electric or hybrid by 2025 2 May 2018 (News)
    DS Automobiles  has revealed that all the firm's future models will be electric or hybrid by 2025. The brand - which separated from Citroen in 2014 - has previously said that its second-generation cars will be available with electric or hybrid
  • Citroen DS to shine at London Classic Car Show 17 Oct 2014 (News)
    The ahead-of-its-time Citroën DS will take centre stage at next year’s London Classic Car Show. Launched at the 1955 Paris Motor Show, the DS’ avant-garde design has always captivated car fans. Indeed, within 15 minutes of the covers coming off, Citroen
  • Geneva Motor Show 2016: DS teases E-Tense supercar 1 Mar 2016 (News)
    DS   has unveiled the all-electric E-Tense concept. The electric sports car was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show and features a 402PS

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