Budget 2015: Road Tax rates for 2015/2016

Published 18 March 2015

These are 2015/2016 rates of Vehicle Excise Duty (also known as car tax or road tax) as announced in Budget 2015.

 Ved 2015

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Trevor Clements    on 18 March 2015

It's long overdue for Road Tax to be abolished and put the extra tax required on the price of petrol. I now only do 7000 miles per annum yet I am still expected to pay the same £180 as someone that does 20000+ miles per annum. Totally unfair and shows how greedy the government are.

jr    on 18 March 2015

I agree VED is an unfair tax. We need to run a 4x4 for towing purposes, it only does 2000-3000 miles a year on rural roads, yet I pay £500 VED. Putting the tax on fuel would still penalise inefficient cars (of which I admit a big 4x4 is one) but reward people for minimising their use.

Tancred    on 18 March 2015

Tough s**t mate. I drive a clean car - Auris Hybrid - and pay Jack S in tax. If you want to drive a tractor that's your choice.

Tancred    on 18 March 2015

I disagree - why should users of big expensive fuel guzzlers be let off the hook? There is enough tax on the price of fuel - we do not need another tax!! If you want to pay less VED get a car which emits less CO2 - simple.

Trevor Clements    on 18 March 2015

Your right to disagree.... But you're very wrong. Add tax to fuel to compensate for lost VED funds, that's the fairest way and your so called gas guzzlers will pay for every mile they travel.

Mike_Prescott    on 19 March 2015

Wasn't road tax abolished in the 1930's!

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