Volvo XC60 (2017 on)


2.0 D4 190hp Momentum Auto AWD 5dr

reviewed by DeanDeano on 20 December 2021
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Beware out of warranty costs and poor customer service.

My vehicle is a Volvo XC60 new shape D4 Momentum Auto owned and driven for the last two years. Now with 63000 miles.

It has been maintained as per manufacturers warranty with full Volvo service history. I even purchased a extended warranty 4year/60000 miles.

It has been at the dealership and it turns out the Starter motor has failed that in turn has caused the Drive plate to fail. As you can imagine quite an expensive job to fix. Its ok i was confident Volvo Customer Care would help with this issue. Especially given its age and how its been looked after. I was very underwhelmed when they came back with an offer to pay 40% of the costs. This fell well below my expectation and it has been very hard work going between the dealer and Customer Care. Customer care appear to only like communication via email and not on the phone.

Eventually a financial contribution agreement was reached given the vehicle history and maintenance but it was hardworking getting there.

List of Faults owning the car.
1) Required new starter motor and drive plate.
2) Steering vehicle module fault dashboard lights failed ( replaced under warranty)
3) Cam Cover and end cap leaking require reseal and gasket (under warranty)
4) Egr pipe from egr valve to manifold cracked require new( under warranty)

I do like the vehicle as a practical family car and for my requirements. However beware out of warranty costs should anything happen.

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reviewed by Oscillator on 2 December 2020
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Road TaxA–I
MPG36.8–122.8 mpg
Real MPG72.8%

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