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Mitsubishi i (2007 - 2011)

reviewed by Brubaker on 13 May 2013

i-car petrol

reviewed by Sluggy on 14 October 2012
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Horrendous vehicle, plagued with faults and very, very poor fuel economy.

Hmm, where do i start? I suppose the beginning is as good a place as any.

My wife and i bought this car new in August 2008. Attracted by the specification, the spacial interior and above all, the claimed fuel economy.

We bought the car from Grenson's Mitsubishi in Crewe. The buying experience was somewhat marred by the salesmans refusal to include interior rugs for the car after the deal had been done. It felt that as the deal was done, he had no intention of losing any of his commission.

Initial impressions were fine, the car drove well we were happy. Apart from the radio, which would not hold an radio station for more than a couple of seconds, all seemed well.

Familiarisation period over, we felt there were a couple of questions to be answered. I rang Grenson's and asked if the radio could be replaced, which they did (Reluctantly). Replacing the centre console with something far more hideous to enclose an aftermarket Denon unit.

On enquiring why only the front doors had speakers in them, as the brochure claimed a four speaker stereo, I was told the tweeters on top of the dash qualified as the other two speakers. Technically correct, so i bit my lip.

The saga of the fuel consumption is rather epic, so i'll cut it down somewhat because of the limitations of space. Horrendous economy. Brochure says 54 mpg, real world less than 30 mpg.
Contacted dealer, who had car in to inspect. They said that the car was working within the normal parameters. I then Contacted Trading Standards, Contacted several Motoring Magazines regarding what I saw as a scandalous lie on behalf of Mitsubishi.

After the intervention of Trading Standards. Grenson's offered us a new Colt, at £7000, a £2000 loss on a relatively new car. I graciously declined.

Our complaints were then passed onto the Service Manager, who offered to do a road test. Arrangements were made for me to follow in another car "to reduce weight" for the test. The tyres were inflated to their maximum and the manager promptly drove away up the M6, at 48 mph. (I know why now, to keep it off the turbo) on our return he claimed 72 mpg. A figure I have never ever been able to replicate.

I was told at this point that to challenge it further i would have to get the car independently tested at our expense. (We had to give up)

To briefly put an end to this sorry tale, i'll just quickly detail the other defects so as not to take up too much space.

New Discs and pads @ 9000 miles - £350

We are currently on our 3rd Windscreen (which is also cracked), the first two cracked down the centre. £90 excess both times.

All four tyres perished along the inside tread. £75 each

Windscreen wiper blade - £60

Rust appearing on rear arches and bonnet.

I fail to find the words to accurately describe how I feel about both the Dealer and Mitsubishi themselves. Needless to say, neither will be getting my business again. I also make a point of highlighting all the defects to anyone who cares to listen. Hopefully doing my part to drive both of these companies out of business. Small steps and all that.

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reviewed by keepyercool on 26 May 2012
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reviewed by Brubaker on 26 November 2010
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Road TaxC
MPG54.6 mpg
Real MPG69.4%

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