Mazda 6 (2013 on)

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2.0 165ps Sport Nav 4dr Saloon

reviewed by nailit on 20 August 2017
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Excellent all rounder, looks, nice classy interior, solid feel to doors, good handling/steering for a big car.

Good quality feel to the car overall, doors close with a nice solid feel, interior is up there with the best, I test drove Mercedes C class, BMW 5 and Audi before this and chose Mazda, not disappointed and got far more considering the saving. I opted for Mica paint and Stone leather seats.

Had the car for approx. 19 months from new, total mileage still under 8000, so not being used much at the moment but expecting that to change soon.
MPG - At approx. 2700 miles;
Filling the tank brim to brim and driving 447 miles, very steady driving, mixed urban and semi rural with some dual carriageway, no motorway, calculated mpg at 40.92 which in my book is 41 mpg.
The indicated average mileage shown on the trip computer was 42 mpg, which I'm astonished is very close to actual, the best I could get on individual trips were 44 mpg, and the worst (during running in) was 36 mpg indicated.
Latest MPG;
With my light right foot I am averaging 44 mpg (tank full to full) approx. 3000 miles, very small mileage on motorways, mainly urban/rural and dual carriageways, with full size spare and huge jack (well small hydraulic rather than flimsy hand cranked usual type) I might add. I am sure it's higher mpg on solo motorways but don't use them much these days.
The best mpg 'indicated' was a long A road steady pace flat surface showed 48mpg, so minus 2 will be somewhere more accurate, therefore a very impressive figure, but one trip and not the average.

Car seats are very comfortable, having a troublesome lower back I need good lumbar support, and the seats are very good, all round support etc. It's only the sport model with lumbar and base/squab adjustment I believe. I'm 6ft 1 in and prefer more under thigh support on long journeys.

Love the general feel of the car, steering/turn in/wheel response, handling though to be honest not really pushed it yet as SWMBO is generally present. There is plenty of low down grunt in my opinion you could drive this almost like you would a diesel. The first service cost £145, and the local dealer has been very good. Had a nail in a Tyre and cheapest replacement (Halfords) was £187 – ouch! Plus they chipped the alloy wheel finish.

Embarrassed to say I have done very little night driving but do like the 'adaptive' headlights, though not seen them adjust vertically say when the boot is laden? Or whether they are even supposed to.

A previous reviewer mentioned not being able to select a radio station via touch screen if above 5mph speed, it may be possible to use voice control via the button on the steering wheel. I haven't tried it but I have used voice commands to skip tracks on mp3, so it's quite possible I think.

Negatives (the usual);
No full size spare wheel option, unless you sort it yourself as I did, but intrudes into boot space. Luckily the boot is vast. Allegedly the saloon is 65mm longer than the estate!
Electronic handbrake, but I have been converted (until it fails and costs hit home) is very handy.
Folding mirrors electrically, but no automatic return when restarting car. Fiddly and small door mirror control especially with my large hands.
There isn't a double door seal to keep the door well/frame area clean, this area can get dirty quickly in wet conditions.
Difficult rear vision when reversing, even with the camera, but I will get used to it hopefully.

update 20/08/17

Trip with fully loaded up boot and with ¾ tank full of petrol but two people only.

A trip of 150 miles 'indicated' an astonishing 51.7 mpg. even with 4% calibration error equates to 49.6 so I'm well happy as they say. I have checked from brim to brim in the past and the error rate is <4% . Yes I am light footed but not ridiculously so, and go with the flow, and I chose a quiet route that certainly paid off. I was not going for a record as such, just a pleasant drive (read letting all the rush overtake if they need to, we were not in a rush, but not slowing traffic neither).
The trip started heading east with country B road, then dual carriageway, onto A30/A303. Then off at Wincanton, down past Templecombe, on A30 to Shaftsbury, Wilton, Salisbury, south A36 into Hampshire.
I did keep a steady pace obviously and the smaller roads help, the dual carriageways meant reasonable pace but I kept below a max of 75 mph. A nice flow with quiet traffic and countryside route obviously favoured the mpg. I would recommend this route especially to avoid the single carriageway sections on the A303.

The return trip was terrible traffic (sat in queues for 35 mins) and together with a quicker pace 75 to 80 at times caused the average mpg 'indicated' to drop to 48mpg overall return trip of around 350 miles total.

On Halden Hill with 3 lanes I had to change down a gear as power does go if you don't keep the revs up, wouldn't have happened if slow cars allowed faster cars to pass.

Generally around home mainly trips to and fro shopping etc. I get 43/44 mpg and that is brim to brim fuel measure, it can go down but not under 41, no commuting, avoid traveling around rush hour etc.

All fuel used has been 'supermarket' cheap 95 petrol.

I would recommend this car, am very pleased with it.

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