Jeep Patriot (2007 - 2011)

reviewed by Catherine Murphy on 5 March 2020
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2.0 CRD Limited 5dr 4 X 4

reviewed by McSwede on 30 June 2011
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Fantastic little car for very little money.

I got this car at 4 months old and 5,000 miles from a new Jeep dealership in Derby at about £2000 less than any others that I could find on Autotrader. It came with the sound and navigation pack and metallic paint.

Since I collected it on the last Saturday in January I have got it up to 54,000 miles with no problems of any note. The dealer back up I have received in Perth has been tremendous with sensible service costs. There have been a couple of warranty jobs done during the standard services. It had front anti roll bar bushes and the osf track rod end replaced. The brake pads and discs were changed at the 40,000 mile service.

It is remarkably good on diesel. Motorway jaunts at somewhere over the legal limit see it return 36-38mpg and nice A-road blast up North see 40-42mpg.

The first set of tyres, OE Conti's lasted for 36,000 miles and I changed to Pirelli Scorpions and they look set to do a similar mileage.

Overall I am massively impressed with this little Jeep!!! It's quiet, comfy, loaded with kit, good on juice, cheaper to run than expected and reliable. As an added bonus it is good to drive, handles well and was fantastic in the snow of last spring on the road orientated Conti's.

I would seriously recommend getting the sound and navigation pack as the stereo blows your brains out, the sat-nav is very good utilising TMC and the voice recognition to control phone/nav/stereo works a treat.

It is OK on my company car tax too, only costing the same as if I'd got a Titanium X Mondeo estate.

Would I have another one........Absolutely!
Would I recommend it............Absolutely!

I'm so glad that I read the review on this website and didn't ignore this little Jeep.

I doubt that there will be many Patriots that are doing 1000-1200 miles per week like mine but if so it will be a pleasurable experience will sensible running costs compared to your average repmobile.


The Jeep has now covered 79000 miles and is ready for another service. It has continued to perform above expectations. The dealer has been doing a few warranty jobs as it seems to go through a few suspension bushes but I can't grumble as the dealer looks after me well and Jeep honour the claims even at this mileage.

I have just fitted another set of Pirelli Scorpions as the other ones lasted 43k and have been great. They were great during the recent grim winter and are heartily recommended.

Any way I'm still very happy with my little gem of a Jeep and will have to start thinking what to replace it with in the not too distant future.

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Road TaxH–K
MPG31.0–42.8 mpg
Real MPG91.8%

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