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Our Cars: Mazda 5 1.6D

The Mazda has been brilliant apart from a little bit of wear on the outer shoulders of the front tyres but economy remains impressive.
Still a huge pleasure on poorly surfaced and demanding country roads, but economy now down to 43.9mpg.
Despite having covered 7500 miles, fuel economy in the Mazda5 has actually dropped recently.
A long crack has spread across the screen of the Mazda5.
Mazda 5 diesel continues to surprise and delight
Another visit to my aging mum and dad has whacked the mileage up to 4,405.
Mazda 5 transforms from a removal van to a sporty car.
First two weeks with Mazda 5 1.6D TS2
Now up to 2,090 miles and showing a consistent 46.1mpg.

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