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29 July 2011: Accessorize!

Since the i10 was delivered it’s been fairly easy to establish that the range generally offers good value for money, good quality, decent fuel economy and a well thought out cabin.

But the i10 is perhaps lacking in one area, and that’s looks. It’s hardly outstanding on the eye, and for most buyers that won't be a problem.

However, covering all bases as they do, Hyundai has the needs of those who want a bit of ‘flair’ covered.

Besides the usual trim levels (Classic, Active, Blue and Style) and the standard equipment they offer, Hyundai has a selection of optional accessories to help liven the i10 up, including vinyl flower graphics, a sporty spoiler, a selection of gearknobs, chrome sill inserts, grill inserts and various other assorted bits and pieces. You can even overcome the i10’s narrow appearance with a set of wheel arch extensions...

But not all of the accessories are superficial. Tow bars, roof boxes, bike carriers and cargo rails are all available, along with child seats, a snowboard and ski carrier, a dog guard and parking sensors.

Rear parking sensors cost £135, which isn’t exactly expensive if you’re prone to bumps and scrapes, and other options are fairly well priced, too. £50 gets you a boot floor protector, handy if you make regular trips to the tip, and roof bars cost from £113.

It’s is debateable, however, whether or not it’s worth spending more than £1,000 on a flip-out infotainment system with sat nav and Bluetooth. Perhaps a little steep.

Besides my pondering of the various accessories Hyundai has on offer the i10 it hasn’t received much attention over the past week, because I’ve been driving an Audi A1.

It’s cruel to compare the two as the Audi costs substantially more. However one thing I observed was, despite the A1 being reasonably efficient – I managed about 45mpg indicated, so probably slightly less in reality – the small difference in economy between it and the i10 really does make a difference to your wallet.

Covering about the same distance in the A1 as I usually do in the i10 cost £10 more in fuel, so over a year it’d cost an extra £520.

Granted I drive further than most people do in a week but even so, when the extra costs accumulate, the savings someone can make by picking a sensible, fuel efficient car really do show through.

Just think, you could use that £500 saved on fuel to put some flowers and chrome on your i10...

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