Road tax price rises start today – how much more will you have to pay for VED?

Published 01 April 2019

The cost of motoring will increase for millions of drivers from today, as road tax price rises kick in.

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VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) rises in line with the RPI inflation rate from 1 April 2019, which means the standard cost for road tax for a car registered on or after 1 April 2017 will increase by £5 to £145. Drivers of older cars registered between 2001 and 2017 will pay up to £15 more.

There are also some significant rises in the first year rate (commonly known as the showroom tax) with the most polluting cars being charged up to £2135 for the first year's VED. 

Rates for cars registered before 2001 will increase by up to £10 extra, with vehicles 1549cc and below paying £160 a year while cars above 1549cc will be charged £265 for 12 months' road tax. 

The road tax price hikes were announced in the 2018 Budget documents, with VED increasing in line with Retail Price Index. Fuel duty remains unchanged, however, with the levy placed at a flat rate of 57.95p-per-litre. 


peter hughes    on 1 April 2019

so the poor who run older cars get hit hardest????

Howard Buchanan    on 1 April 2019

Yes, indeed, and that includes all those mugs who were encouraged, BY THE GOVERNMENT ITSELF to buy diesel cars for environmental reasons. It's absolutely contemptible.

Victor Ahiaba    on 1 April 2019

To be poor is a more serious curse than we thought. You can't afford new ones, yet you can't enjoy the old ones in peace.

luis valentim    on 1 April 2019

Robbing with permission nothing to do with pollution .

JOHN BAKER    on 1 April 2019

well all you pc polluting tick sheet people ,use common sense and put it on the petrol. I do about 1000 mls in my old range rover on my farm it is 8 times more polluting than my other car me and my wife share, and do over 20.000 miles, so pollution is very much higher than in our so called air friendly car, because of miles done. So add tax to petrol /fuel ,the more miles you travel in the air pollution chart , the more you contribute .Yes I could replace my old Rangy, but at what pollution does producing a new car produce. More so as I need a go any where farm 4x4 thats less polluting than my tractor.. and can get where tractors cannot, and throw sheep ,fodder etc ,small animals in... so think in the real world with a more open mind to be fair to all...

Edited by JOHN BAKER on 01/04/2019 at 14:31

Andrew Greening    on 1 April 2019

All those b******s in Government are trying to do is FORCE us to throw in our old cars for new ones.

Great if you have the money to do that but most don't.

Given the s*** state of our roads in the UK they should be reducing VEL rates, I already had two expensive alloys and tyres ruined by a sodding great pothole which In tried to unsuccessfully claim for despite a solicitor on the case.

Get one thing straight though- Vehicles account for 5% of pollution the rest is down to Heavy industry but I don't see the Robber Barons in Government taking money out of them, NO hit the motorists first and foremost and still do sod all for the money they rake in and have done so for Decades.

Diesels today have Ad Blu which converts Nox into Nitrogen and water which as far as I know are not Pollutants but Natural elements. It's nothing more than a money grasb regime no matter who's in power.

Murray Snudge    on 1 April 2019

Ok so my old Ford Escort diesel will pay more road tax but it runs very nicely on central heating oil.

Edited by Murray Snudge on 01/04/2019 at 14:52

dombat    on 1 April 2019

I wish you'd stop calling it "Road Tax" as it's often shouted at me by ignorant motorists while I cruise by the queue on my bike. My cars both pay VED while sitting on the driveway. It is not a tax to use the road and this headline just encourages them.

Murray Snudge    on 1 April 2019

I get your point but GOV.UK does cal it 'Tax' though

Murray Snudge    on 1 April 2019

I've just returned from the Post Office to tax my 40 year old bike as a 'Vehicle of Historic Interest'
Cost - £0.00 per year
What a generous government we have!

Keith Ware    on 1 April 2019

Any tax payable call it road tax if you like should be on fuel. The more you drive the more fuel you use, simples. And all the foreign vehicles driving on our roads would also pay as we do when we buy fuel abroad. If your car is fuel efficient you pay less than a gas guzzler for the same mileage.

Captain-Cretin    on 1 April 2019

Never going to happen, because THEY all drive gas guzzlers.

Contax139    on 1 April 2019

If they put tax on fuel I could lose out, I run Peugeot Bipper Tepee 1.4 HDi diesel, bought new Feb 2011 as great for mobility problems with osteoarthritis, AF and heart failure, great seating position and getting in and out out easy, only done 5,600 miles in 8 years, never passed 1,000 in any year. I bought as low VED £30, low insurance, cheap to service every 2 years and cheap to buy new, will see my life out so will never change, it does all I need and more. It's a case of careful planing when buying a car, I only have state pension income,those who need cheap cars there are plenty of very cheap used cars with low VED out there that will last for many years for poorer families.

Roy Fuller    on 1 April 2019

At least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask!

NickNike    on 1 April 2019

I drive 5k miles a year and pay well over £500 VED. Someone commuting in a much smaller engined car will be polluting far more than me, and pay less. Governments never 'do' common sense. I've worked hard all my life to get a 'nice' car, and the b******s in parliament, those who no longer represent us as proved by Brexit, try to take stuff off us. I have message for the government. F**** O**. Especially Labour who conned the world with GW and engineered sales of highly polluting diesel cars. I bet they didn't both to consult one engineer. Idiots.

Rob Pollock    on 1 April 2019

Does anyone see the brainwashing which is going on? Tax because it pollutes? Tax on fuel, the more you use, the more tax you pay? Think about it, it's all a cunning plan to collect more money from the ever-giving motorist, because we have little choice. By putting just enough tax on this, and just enough on that, the taxman can keep collecting without putting us off our means of getting to work, for work we have to. Yet we have no real alternative but to use what we have, or many of us don't. As some have already pointed out, the poor are hit hardest, those with more than average size families on a low income running an older people carrier or SUV, who were stung once when a previous government went back on promises not to retrospectively apply new VED duties. LPG has largely disappeared, as has the grant to convert. The grant for electric vehicles has been reduced, and what's happened to the hybrid grant? And how much is a new or used EV? The difference in price between a used Leaf and a used diesel Focus is vast, and will buy a lot of fuel. And just supposing you do believe the taxing the polluting motorist is saving the planet myth, where does all the money collected in pollution tax go? A lot of vehicle pollution is caused by traffic jams, I think that's well known. So what has been done to ease congestion and traffic jams? Many lanes have vanished and replaced by bus and cycle lanes, forcing the cars into tighter lanes and more jams, which creates more pollution.

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