Skoda unveils safety tech to better protect cyclists

Published 09 June 2020

In honour of Bike Week (6-14 June), Skoda has announced details about the 2020 Octavia's new safety tech - designed to prevent collisions with cyclists and pedestrians.

The fourth-gen Octavia will feature Exit Warning (as part of the Blind Spot Detection system), which alerts drivers and passengers if there's an oncoming cyclist so doors aren't opened into their path. 

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The Blind Spot Detection system is fitted as standard to mid-spec SE L models. It uses cameras to observe potential hazards to the rear of the vehicle up to a distance of 35 metres and at an angle of approximately 120-degrees.

Additionally, Predictive Cycling Protection triggers a series of warnings to the driver if a cyclist is detected ahead – and will even engage the emergency brakes if necessary to avoid a possible collision.

From November 2020, an optional Turn Assist feature will be available too. This uses on-board cameras to monitor oncoming traffic when turning right at a junction, as well as identify cyclists and pedestrians. If immediate danger is detected when executing a manoeuvre, the vehicle will be brought to a complete standstill, triggering the warning signal and preventing a possible collision.

Finally, the optional Collision Avoidance Assist uses the front cameras to detect an impending accident and perform a controlled, evasive manoeuvre around the hazard, be that a cyclist or another vehicle. The system uses real-time data provided by cameras and radars to calculate the safest trajectory.


Tenchman7    on 11 June 2020

Stupid gimmicks that nobody wants! I am the safety feature behind the steering wheel. And i don't brake when a crisp packet blows across the road in front of my car. This is why cars are so expensive!! Too much electronic troublesome rubbish.

conman    on 13 June 2020

The sooner cyclists have registration numbers and insurance, the better for them and us. Basically when you cycle it's like driving a car with no insurance and it's against the law to do that, incase you are involved in an accident. So what's the difference. Cycle insurance will protect the cyclist it's a no brainer.
If you travel on the road you should be registered and insured.

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