New Toyota Yaris Cross set to rival Ford Puma

Published 23 April 2020

Toyota has revealed a new Yaris-based small crossover which is expected to start from around £18,000 when it goes on sale in 2021.

The Toyota Yaris Cross will be the smallest SUV in the firm’s range, sitting below the C-HR and competing against the Ford Puma, Nissan Juke and Volkswagen T-Cross.

Designed and developed in Europe, Toyota’s latest crossover will be built alongside the new Yaris at the firm’s manufacturing facility in France. It shares a platform and engine with the 2020 Yaris, following the brand’s well-established hybrid strategy.

As such, the Yaris Cross will use a three-cylinder 1.5-litre petrol engine combined with an electric motor. Fuel economy figures are yet to be confirmed, but Toyota promises ‘excellent fuel efficiency’ with WLTP CO2 emissions from below 120g/km.

Toyota Yaris Cross (2) 

While front-wheel-drive models make up the majority of sales in this segment, Toyota’s offering the Yaris Cross with an intelligent all-wheel-drive system. This can send power to the rear axle when slip is detected - in snowy or wet conditions, for example.

With an extra 90mm in height (including 30mm of ground clearance) compared to the Yaris hatchback, Toyota says the Cross provides the high driving position and interior spaciousness demanded by buyers of small crossovers.

It’s yet to confirm exactly how big the boot will be but says it has a ‘large trunk volume’. A split floor system provides extra space if required, and the rear seats drop 40:20:40 to provide extra cargo capacity.

The Toyota Yaris Cross will go on sale later in 2020 with deliveries expected from 2021. UK prices and specifications will be announced at a later date but expect it to start in the region of £18,000.

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Engineer Andy    on 23 April 2020

Actually not bad looking at all! Well, I doubt if it'll be as good to drive than the Ford, though I'd be pleasantly surprised if it was.

gavsmit    on 23 April 2020

£18,000 sounds very optimistic - all car makers are charging ridiculous amounts for their cars now and Toyota seem to be one of the greedier ones when launching a new model.

I reckon closer to mid-twenties for the entry-level version is more likely - shame as it looks like a nice car, despite the square wheel arches.

Heidfirst    on 23 April 2020

a current UK spec. Yaris Hybrid Icon 1.5 lists for ~ £19k so I suspect that a base (i.e. below Icon) UK spec. fwd Yaris Cross hybrid could list from ~£22k? A 1.5 n/a fwd could conceivably be £18k but will they offer the 1.5 n/a in the UK ...?

Edited by Heidfirst on 23/04/2020 at 19:32

Engineer Andy    on 26 April 2020

Indeed £18k looks very cheap for what customers are likely to get. The now no-longer-sold Mazda CX-3 (same size) had a list price of £19k until it was dropped from sale in the UK late last year...due to poor sales, likely because of the high list price compared to the Mazda2 it is mainly based on (with a 2.0 engine).

likaleica    on 27 April 2020

All car manufacturers are greedy but their gravy train is about to come off the rails thanks to the massive global economic downturn caused by Coronavirus. I think you are right that headline pricing will be far higher than £18k - but just watch the massive dealer discounts that will come in almost immediately.

Guy Ross    on 4 May 2020

The world downturn has nothing to do with Coronavirus but everything to do with the medical mafia and dumb politicians

Failander    on 28 April 2020

A good addition to the Toyota range, however like other car manufacturers the cheap option has been taken with regards to the infotainment screen and the positioning of it. It looks like an afterthought instead of being integrated within the dashboard.

Edited by Failander on 28/04/2020 at 08:32

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