Lexus launches cut-price NX with £35,860 price tag

Published 22 April 2020

Customers can now order a new front-wheel-drive Lexus NX with prices starting from £35,860 and deliveries from later in the year.

A left-field alternative to the BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLC, the hybrid Lexus NX was previously offered only with four-wheel-drive. The new two-wheel-drive model is combined with 17-inch wheels to provide lower running costs thanks to improved fuel economy and tax savings for private and business users.

The new entry-level model officially emits 161g/km CO2 - down by 10g/km from the four-wheel-drive model. This represents a saving of £330 in the first year tax rate for private users, while company car drivers will pay 35 per cent BIK tax (down from 37 per cent).

This means business users will see a saving of £832 over three years for 40 per cent income tax payers.

Powered by the same hybrid engine as the rest of the NX range, combining a 2.5-litre petrol engine with an electric motor, the two-wheel-drive model officially returns 39.7mpg. That's compared to 37.1mpg from the four-wheel-drive NX.

Aside from the smaller alloy wheels, standard equipment is the same as the standard NX - including electric front seats, an eight-inch media system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and adaptive cruise control. LED headlights with automatic high beam are also standard, while navigation can be specified as an option.

Lexus is now taking online orders for the new entry-level NX with deliveries to commence once coronavirus conditions permit.


Falkirk Bairn    on 23 April 2020

When the NX came out originally they sold a petrol engined model - NX200t - well they did not actually sell many 200ts and very very few entry level 2 WDs

gavsmit    on 27 April 2020

Not that it should bother me at all, but this car didn't get off to a good start with me after those awful TV adverts with in them.

With him advertising a car with that strange styling, all I kept thinking was why they were trying to make a selling point out of "style over substance"?

J Gardner    on 27 April 2020

The NX is a Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid with odd 'funky' bodywork.

Save cash & get the Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid?

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