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Ford makes connected vehicle services free

Published 26 June 2020

Ford has announced it'll offer complimentary access to its FordPass app across the UK, enabling drivers to control and monitor key features in their cars from their smartphone.

Previously, connected vehicle services were available to new vehicle owners as an £89+VAT, two-year trial subscription. But Ford has now waived subscription fees for most of its connected services.

The FordPass app (available on models including the Focus and Transit Connect van) enables a variety of remote services - including checking on vehicle health, fuel level and oil levels, as well as locking or unlocking doors, and de-icing the windscreen. The FordPass app can also show the vehicle’s precise location so it's easier to find in a busy car park.

Owners can view and download summaries of recent trips to look into fuel usage and costs to help claim business mileage. Journeys can also be overlaid onto a map to reveal places where harsh braking or acceleration were identified, promoting more efficient driving.

FordPass can coordinate with roadside patrols, too, to enable drivers to continue their journeys as quickly as possible in the event of a breakdown.

For electrified vehicles, like the Kuga PHEV, alongside information about battery level and electric driving range, the app helps EV owners benefit from off-peak electricity tariffs by enabling them to schedule vehicle charging.

FordPass users can also set a departure time, warming or cooling the cabin while the vehicle is plugged in and showing a charging station locator to help driver’s top-up on the go.


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