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In our 10 Things You Need to Know videos, we take you through 10 essential facts about some of the most popular cars on sale. You can watch the whole series in the gallery below.

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Justin Beament    on 13 November 2016

I have owned a Jaguar XE 180 Prestige automatic and am very pleased with it. So far I have put on 11,000 in just over a year. Few faults, excellent ride, road holding and performance.

   on 5 March 2017

I bought an 06 Honda Jazz with only six hundred miles on the clock. Now 86,000 miles racked up. Although Honda vehicles are supposed to be practically bullet proof I have had a few issues with the quality and efficiency of some of the parts on the vehicle. At 6000 miles the steering rack had to be replaced. The door and ignition locks have had to be replaced twice. (although Honda deny any problem associated with the door locks,) This wasn't just a change of door locks but the associated central locking system as well (I forget the terminology) then the ABS system failed resulting in the replacement of the central hydraulic abs system. a break in a wire eventually located in the wiring loom took quite a few hours and £££££'s to locate and repair, I have had many other minor repairs carried out too numerous to mention. Most of the repairs with the exception of the steering rack were outside of the warrantee but not due to wear and tear.

It would be wise to note that all replacement parts for the Honda Jazz are extremely expensive, However; the majority of the parts that failed were manufactured in Germany; so much for the Teutonic claim and myth of quality.

Please note that the hand brake needs to be firmly applied when parking on a steep hill; as although fully engaged and have selected the correct gear; you may find you vehicle has crept down the hill in your absence. (This has happened to my wife on two occasions and me once.)

On the plus side; with regular servicing the engine is still running sweetly, the rear of the vehicle with the seats folded flat has an enormous amount of space. Its inexpensive to run fuel wise and tax is slightly over £100 pa.
Regards Gareth Jones

Austin Matthews    on 6 August 2017

Your video of the Honda CR-V is unavailable.

I recently enquired about a possible update for my 14 reg. CR-V EX navigation system. I was appalled to find a disc would cost me £170. Can I get an update anywhere for a reasonable sum please ?


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