Automotive Pairs - old crocks
While walking around my local area I have noticed a few two-car families where the two cars are virtually identical. One has two black Honda CRVs. Another has two Renault Scenics of similar vintage.

Have they found the perfect car for their needs or do they just lack imagination?
Automotive Pairs - Altea Ego
When i was buying a house, we viewed one property where they had identical his and hers nissan primeras, in that gorgeous magic green colour (the one that changed shade and colour according to the light)
Automotive Pairs - Alanovich
My wife and I once bought new Seat Ibizas, one black and one silver, exactly the same spec. One digit difference in the number plates. We wanted cheap to run small cars for mainly town use, got a good deal and a free year's insurance each.

The black one got traded in 18 months later when our first wee surprise appeared on a screen at the local hospital.

We did feel a bit Howard & Hilda, but the Ibiza suited us both perfectly at the time.
Automotive Pairs - Cliff Pope
We have a pair of white Volvo 240 estates. "My" car is a 1992, "hers" is a 1989.
Mine cost £900, hers cost £100. They do their jobs superbly - why ever change?
Automotive Pairs - bell boy
automotive pairs
automotive lemons
next one should be
i bought a cabbadge
Automotive Pairs - Sofa Spud
As I mentioned on here a week or two ago, we're thinking of getting a Mercedes A-class - the original W168 shape - A170 diesel version. If I actually manage to find a suitable one for sale locally, and we like it, we might look for a second one.

I think these will become small-time classics one day, with their unusual but clean shape (apart from the rear window) - I think they looks nicer than the rather untidy current W169 A class.

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Automotive Pairs - Rattle
Me and my dad bothed owned MK4 fiestas made in early 96, only mine was an N reg and my dads was a Dec 97 R reg (poor thing). At that time my mate had a Fiesta too and if he came to stay there would be three of them parked in a row, all 1996.

My dad used to have a cream Lada and my grandad (no blood relation to dad) had a cream Lada too.

My uncle once owned two identical MG (the Rover 25 type one) both in the same colour, both identical plates (just one number out) but one was a 3 door and one was a 5, he bought them a few days after Rover went bust brand new for around £12k the pair.

Another uncle owned two identical Rover 200's, both N reg, both exactly the same engine and trim level, both in British racing green. One was road legal and the other he bought for spairs. Sadly he died before the Rover did :(.

Automotive Pairs - Alby Back
My wife and I once both had Mondeo estates. She had taken on my old one when I replaced it. There's not much you can't do in a Mondeo estate, except look stylish I guess.

There are of course other ways of compensating for that if one can be bothered I suppose.

Good cars.
Automotive Pairs - mike hannon
20-odd years ago I bought a Daimler V8 2.5 litre (Jaguar Mk II with a better engine) from an elderly couple who had a matching pair and had decided one had to go. They also had a big yacht with matching twin Volvo diesels! Before being allowed to buy one of the Daimlers I was interviewed at length while drinking Campari beside their swimming pool - although it was only Bristol.
I always thought they kept the better one...
Automotive Pairs - M.M
This has happened to us quite a lot.

In our early days we ran a sucession of Rover 3500 P6 pairs. Later on we both ran Citroen BXs and then a Xantia each. I was very keen SWMBO should buy a Mondeo III diesel hatch at the change we are making now as my Ghia Estate has been so good. However she insists on keeping to the Focus size.

We also had a pair of Citroen CXs at one time but she always chose to drive her Audi 80GT.