Hydrogen Modification - Travelingman
In this day & age of rising fuel costs & higher taxation i have decided to modify my car to run on a mixture of hydrogen & diesel its a simple procedure of converting tap water to hydrogen gas then fed into the engine along with your existing fuel whether it be petrol or diesel.
It Improves mpg in town, open road and motorway conditions. With correct tuning, it is possible to double a vehicle's mileage. Obviously not all vehicles, loads and driving conditions will gain the same. But standard figures show that you can expect a
20%-50% improvement in fuel economy,
It can remove carbon deposits and prevent future carbon build up. The engine steam-cleans itself every day. Reduces engine noise noticeably, with a much smoother engine operation and gear changes. Clean up emissions.
It definitely helps if the problem is unburned fuel due to inefficient combustion. MOT testing kits have shown up to a 98% reduction in harmful emissions!
Longer engine life expectancy, especially the pistons, valves, rings and bearings.

Having said all that I phone my Insurance company to tell them of of my plans and they said they would cancel my policy if i went ahead i asked them why but they cuold'nt give me a reason does this mean that all Hydrogen Hybrids are on the road Illegaly
needless to say i'll be phoning around for new insurance.

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Hydrogen Modification - moonshine {P}

There was a lively discussion on this subject a few weeks back.

So here goes, just for fun -

There is something new in your claims that didn't come up before. Could you explain how your modification gives "Longer engine life expectancy, especially the pistons, valves, rings and bearings."

Have you actually built the device?

"The engine steam cleans itself every day" - how?
Hydrogen Modification - Saltrampen
There are several threads on this site which deal with the thermodynamics of splitting hydrogen from water.
Feeding a VERY explosive gas into an engine not designed to run on it is not a simple procedure as any leaks can have catastrophic consequences. ..Probably why the nsurance company is reluctant to insure.
Without meaning to be offensive, much of what you say sounds like quotes from the information given in Hydrogen kits advertised in the US.
I am not an expert on this but would not attempt anything like this without speaking with experts familar with Hydrogen fuel systems.
Hydrogen Modification - jbif
they said they would cancel my policy if i went ahead i asked them why but they cuold'nt give me a reason does this mean that all Hydrogen Hybrids are on the road Illegaly

No, it means that the conspiracy theory is true: that the Insurance Companies are in cahoots with the Government and Oil Companies to stop people using cheap fuel. If everyone did what "Travelingman" [sic] is doing, then where would the Govt. get their tax and how would the Oil barons make their trillions in profit?
Next you will have the scientists telling you that the idea of fitting devices which convert water in to hydrogen on your car is all based on the fallacy that it is possible to have a perpetual motion machine.

No, water to be used as a fuel cannot be allowed, the world's poor would die of thirst. ;-)

Hydrogen Modification - moonshine {P}

Lots of talk on other threads about speculators buying up all the oil to sell later at a profit.

I've decided to get in early on this new technology so I've just been down the supermarket and bought 20L of bottled water which I plan to sell in 3 months time at a massive profit :)

Hydrogen Modification - cjehuk
The question is when will people learn that hydrogen as a fuel is completely non-viable at present. The most efficient way of making hydrogen is from Methane, where defacto you produce CO2 splitting the C from CH4 (Methane). You also use energy while splitting the hydrogen out.

The example described here, splitting hydrogen from water, presumably by some method of electrolysis uses far far more energy than you get from the hydrogen in the end. This is because the electrical generator has an efficiency of oh about 90% or so, then the hydrogen generator about 80% so your net energy input which still came from fossil fuels in the first place is actually about 72% of what you put in, you then burn it in the same efficiency engine as running on diesel lets say at ~40% (I'm feeling generous). So...

straight diesel = ~40% efficiency
diesel + "some hydrogen" produced on land = ~28.8% efficiency, it's just your domestic fuel bill rises instead of your diesel bill. You can't get something from nothing.
Hydrogen Modification - adverse camber
spoil sport ;-)
Hydrogen Modification - Travelingman
Some of the information in my original post did come from a web site not an American one but a British one,
I've spoken at length with a couple of the suppliers who will fit the devices, and a friend who has all his work vehicles modified & he seems happy enough& before I decide I'll be checking out his Transits,
The Electrolyzer is fitted to your engine you apparently need one cell per 1000cc it does use a method of electrolysis in as much its your own engine that creates the hydrogen from the water in the cells.
Hey i'm just a guy trying to find a way to save money, I'm not advocating this system
and i certainly won't go ahead until i'm sure, Its not expensive to do, and if you don't like it or it dont work you can take it off,
Hydrogen Modification - bathtub tom
Have you checked the price of the snake oil additive required for this conversion ;>)
Hydrogen Modification - Mapmaker
There was some research recently that showed that you get a better MPG if you drive at particular points in the lunar cycle. The tidal effect on the petrol or diesel tank at those two critical stages in the month gives up to 20% improvement in efficiency.

Cars run only at those times of the month see a reduction in piston wear. I can sell you the exact details for a mere £100, which you will find very worthwhile - it will have paid for itself within five tanks of fuel - email me through the mods.

Hydrogen Modification - R2-CMax
We occasionally get people asking about our team about this sort of thing at my work, and it's very understandable that people get confused about this sort of thing. Let's just consider pure economics, in a fag packet way, so there's a bit of rounding. First for a mains powered system:

Cost of diesel = £1.10 /litre
Cost of electricity = £0.10 /kWh
Energy content of diesel = 11 kWh/litre
So Cost of diesel = £0.10 /kWh
i.e. the energy costs for the two fuels are similar, so as an aside, the economic benefits of electric car derive solely from efficiency of electric drive which reduces how much energy you need to get from A->B

Efficiency of electrolysis of water = 50% (optimisitic), so every kWh of electricity you put in will get you 0.5 kWh of energy in the hydrogen gas.

I make the assumption that hydrogen does not burn any more efficiently in a diesel engine (although if people know different then please say!). In which case, hydrogen is about double the cost, so you're taking £1 off your fuel bill in favour of £2 on the leccy.

On the vehicle, you are burning diesel, creating movement, then creating electricity in the alternator to create hydrogen. The electrical load of the electrolysis system puts additional load on the alternator, and hence the engine requires a bit more fuel. The only way you'd get more hydrogen out than you put in is if you had a process that was more than 100% efficient. This is basically a perpetual motion machine that violates the accepted laws of physics. If your transit van could demonstrate it, saving money would be the least of your problems, as you'd be looking at a Nobel Prize as a bare minimum, which I believes is currently worth $700k.

Hope that helps. General rule - if it looks to good to be true, it generally is. If it's been dismissed by some conspiricy of mainstream science, then that's almost certainly because it's quackery. A good conspiracy is fun, but anybody who's worked in academia, the civil service or a big company will know that getting all of these people to keep quiet about something would be like herding cats.
Hydrogen Modification - Mapmaker
s>>traight diesel = ~40% efficiency
>>diesel + "some hydrogen" produced on land = ~28.8% efficiency, it's just your domestic
>>fuel bill rises instead of your diesel bill. You can't get something from nothing.

Thermodynamically you are of course correct.

However you completely miss the point. The hydrogen mod relies on a completely different approach. The hydrogen improves the burn of the diesel you are already burning which is why efficiency improves. Effectively you can just do away with diesel when idling, somebody posted a video the other week on here.

Hydrogen Modification - Glacier
How can you not believe this???


The amazing Alka Seltz... errr, Trifuel Cell in action!
Hydrogen Modification - jbif
I would convert my own car

I already have converted mine using your lunatic idea and also use the water fuel system. But I am afraid to go out in my car in case MI5 catch me using the system next time I go out for a drink with my partner, Dracula, on a dark moonless night.

Hydrogen Modification - madf
I would not convert my car cos I'm an old expletive deleted and worry about plastic tubes carrying explosive gases in a hot engine compartment near turbos that get redhot....

Anyone who looks at the lashups promoted by the sellers and who has an ounce of concern for their own safety would run a mile...

But hey, it's eternal motion.
Hydrogen Modification - madf
It's starnge the OP only registered...very recently.... and this is his first post.
So nice of him to let us know the benefits of this amazing system which no scientist has tried because they are afraid of the oil companies...
Hydrogen Modification - CQ
I would have invested something like this, but when I go to Cyprus or Spain there are lots of nice English people giving me scratch cards on which I win ( can you actually win if you haven't wagered?) and then am invited to a sumptuous lunch of salad as long as I have my bank card with me, and then I can invest as much as I want in a fantastic apartment which will earn me money for my retirement. Then I could buy a settee worth £35 for £450 with nothing to pay for a year and then have a loan for 4 years, I just don't know how these bargains are not snapped up. I 'm sorry I've had a bad day.


Hydrogen Modification - Old Navy
I have yet to see a queue for either time share property or perpetual motion devices.