Is electric car insurance affordable?

With more and more electric cars coming on the market with power much higher than some supercars. How is this going to going to reflect on insurance costs?

I remember in my younger days, to buy a Ford RS Cosworth or Ford Escort Cosworth, you would find the insurance would be almost the cost of the car itself.

These electric cars are becoming more affordable to buy but produce more power than cars costing thousands of pounds more. Surely this will cause insurance premiums to rise to the levels of some supercars?

Asked on 2 September 2021 by Steve

Answered by Dan Powell
High-performance EVs will attract the powered up premiums, just like their petrol counterparts. But I haven't seen any evidence that suggests everyday electric cars, like the Nissan Leaf or Renault Zoe, are more expensive to insure than their petrol rivals.

Our partner site heycar did some research into this topic and found that Nissan Leaf owners paid £156 less on average than Ford Fiesta drivers:
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