Clio 2001, clutch worn...? - cyclictop
How do i tell when a clutch is worn....the peddle needs to be quite high befor the clutch engages, but htere seems to be no slip when moving away with the parking brake on...(during testing!!)
What else can i do to test?

Clio 2001, clutch worn...? - piston power
on the flat does it pull away in 2nd gear ok ? or on hill's when you put your foot down does the engine race but not getting any faster? these tests will show up, maybe if you can adjust the cable to take up the clutch it will be better?
Clio 2001, clutch worn...? - cyclictop
Thanks I'll try those tmorrow!

many thanks

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Clio 2001, clutch worn...? - LeePower
Find a nice flat bit of road, get up to about 25 - 30 mph & stick it in 5th gear.

Floor the throttle, does the car build up speed very slowly or does the clutch start slipping.

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