How long will I have to wait for a medical review from the DVLA?

I had my licence suspended for medical reasons 10 months ago. These issues have have now been resolved and my consultant says I am clear to drive.

I have applied to the DVLA but I hear horror stories of long delays. I wonder if you have any information regarding length of time you might expect to have to wait for a response?

Asked on 7 August 2023 by Richard Illingworth

Answered by David Ross
The DVLA aims to process 90% of medical applications within 90 days although it has previously fallen short of this target, with only 62.5% processed within 90 days in September 2022.

In March this year a report was published by the Public Accounts Committee which showed that more than three million driving licences were subject to delays since April 2020, and that drivers who required medical approval for their licences were particularly affected.

We cannot say with any certainty how long your renewal will take, but the more complex the medical condition the longer it takes for a renewal to be issued.
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