Fiesta cutting out - gunital
had a look at a few of the older pages all seem to tell me how to start it but not fix it. Problem bein car starts first time, then every couple of weeks will cut out when driving for no apparent reason. it turns over as normal cuts out on start. I am assuming its somethin fuel related not the pump as it seems fine. im thinkin maybe the carb, plugs are only a few month old so not them neither, its a 1995 1.1 azura if that helps cheers guys
Fiesta cutting out - mss1tw
Maybe the coil?
Fiesta cutting out - gunital
dont think its gonna be somethin massively obvious just passed its mot a few days ago
Fiesta cutting out - Dynamic Dave
im thinkin maybe the carb, its a 1995 1.1 azura if that helps cheers guys

The carb is actually a single point injection system. Carbs were phased out when cat converters came along.

Can't help with the cutting out problem though - sorry.
Fiesta cutting out - bell boy
take out the crank sensor and clean it or better still replace it,its above the starter motor,give the clip a good wiggle on and off a few times first though to make sure you havnt got water in it causing a high resistance,

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