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welsh assembly cracks down on drivers - fred smith
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Date: 09/13/01 03:59:20 PM
Name: Alwyn


Subject: Re: Re: Dangerous nonsense from Welsh Assembly

Hi Mike,

I saw some details on BBC Ceefax news this morning and my Council Clerk gloatingly faxed me two pages which mentioned that the details will be put on the Welsh Assembly website at

I have not tried that site yet as the fax is thermal and not the clearest. Hope the address is OK. I will check and keep you informed.

I was shouting the odds at our Council meeting on Tuesday, quoting true police and Goverment stats. Other councillors were very quiet at the time,but the Clerk later said, in a telephone conversation, " You are in the minority if you believe that"

This was when some local "well meaning but ignorant of the facts" do-gooders were calling for a 30 mph limit through our area due to an accident involving a child. I later learned the kid had come out of a side road on a skate board.

Not too badly hurt thank goodness but how does that driver feel now?

They all said " If the car had been going more slowly it could have stopped"

I pointed out that if it had been going faster, it would have cleared the junction before the kid rode across it.

Whilst they keep blaming drivers and thinking kids can do as they like, they will have blood on their hands.I have told them so.

Drive safely

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Replying to:

Do you know where the details of these proposals can be found please? I expect I could find them, but I suspect that with your campaigning tendencies, you'll already know.


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Replying to:

Have you seen the proposals by Sue Essex AM, Minister for Environment at the Welsh Assembly ?

She suggests bans on drivers drinking during the working day, speed limiters on cars and a vast increase in speed cameras.

Speed limiters were alleged to have caused a 24% increase in deaths amongst lorry drivers when first introduced and cameras do nothing for road safety as proved by the recent lies told by those in authority following the ?successful? trial of speed cameras.

Address for objection is:

Transport Minister Sue Essex
National Assembly for Wales
Transport Directorate
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQ

E-mails to Meryl James at

Fax is 029 2082 3748
Re: welsh assembly cracks down on drivers - Meibion Glyndwr
Howe about a ban on bilge-talking wimmin ?

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