I bought a used car with a chipped windscreen - the dealer says I should claim on my insurance?

I have just picked up a six-month-old Jaguar XF with less than 4000 miles on the clock, from a Jaguar garage. On driving home I noticed a mark on the windscreen, which turned out to a repaired chip. The garage asked for photos of the chip and then booked the car in the to be repaired. After the windscreen specialist tried to refix the chip, it still left a mark on the glass, which is in the line of vision. Now the garage said I have to claim on my insurance. Should the garage have to replace the windscreen?

Asked on 13 September 2019 by Allan Bell

Answered by Honest John
Absolutely not. They are asking you to defraud your insurer. The dealer is 100% liable and must either have the windscreen replaced with a proper Jaguar windscreen or take the car back and give you your money back in full.
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