How can I get insurance on a new car that will have my existing private plate on?

I have a private number plate which I transfer to each car I buy. I recently sold my four year old car to a dealer for cash and put the private plate on retention. I have since ordered a new car which is expected to be delivered end of September.
The problem is I am unable to get a quote for insurance on the new car as the comparison websites show the plate is still on my old car or that the private reg is unlisted on the DVLA computer. The dealer has asked for a cover note so he can tax the car when it arrives. Is there any way i can get proper quotes and then insurance?

Asked on 4 September 2018 by Fergus Doncaster

Answered by Tim Kelly
The best thing to do is change the private plate after you have the car, and do all you need to do by using the registration prefix that it will be assigned. Have you asked the dealer for what the registration plate will be?
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