My insurance was cancelled because I transferred to a private number plate - what should I do?

I bought and insured a Range Rover on 16 April 2018. I advised my insurance company that once I received the new logbook for the car, I would transfer a personalised registration number onto the car. They said that was fine and that they'd make a note of it on file. There was no no fee for changing the reg. Today, 28 April, the Range Rover log book arrived from the DVLA. I had the personalised plate on a retention certificate. I transferred the new plate via the DVLA website, which instantly showed the new details of my Range Rover. Next I updated my AA membership details with no problems. Lastly, I contacted my insurance company to advise them that I had put my personalised plate on so they could update my insurance policy. The call call handler then said they were cancelling my insurance with immediate effect. They refused to explain why and I'm left with no insurance. AskMid is still showing my Range Rover as insured under the old reg number and the site does not recognise my new reg. The DVLA website is showing my new reg and the correct car description. My insurer has made a deduction from the annual premium for the 12 days I've been on cover. I can't even SORN the vehicle because, having changed the reg, the identification number on the logbook doesn't tally with the new plate. Where do I go from here?

Asked on 30 April 2018 by Tom

Answered by Tim Kelly
Firstly, if they have cancelled within the first 14 days of cover you should get a full refund because it comes under distance selling regulations. Ring the insurer, ask to speak to a supervisor, then raise a complaint. The issue will have risen from you not contacting the insurer first. Request the reasoning for why they cancelled and advise you will do a subject access data request. Under General Data Protection Regulation, they will have to provide all the information they hold on you. The issue will be MID and DVLA having different details.You should be able to SORN it using the serial number of the letter of entitlement from the private plate.
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