Pug 306 D-Turbo tuning - jim_mapps

Can anyone tell me what I can do with my oil burner for performance???

I've seen one running at 150BHP so I know it's possible but how do I start??

I've ordered an exhaust and induction kit which should take it past the 105BHP mark but then I'm stuck.

Help appreciated

Pug 306 D-Turbo tuning - RichardW
>I\'ve seen one running at 150BHP so I know it\'s possible but how >do I start??

150 BPH out of an XUD TD? Not likely - there was one in Diesel car a couple of years ago that was touting about 140, but he had spent SERIOUS money.

>I\'ve ordered an exhaust and induction kit which should take it >past the 105BHP mark but then I\'m stuck.

I think you\'re being led up the garden path. You need more boost and more diesel to increase the power, although a less restrictive exhaust will help the turbo to spin up more quickly and reduce turbo lag.

What you need to do is adjust the turbo wastegate to allow the max boost pressure to rise to around 1.15 bar (around 0.8) stock, and then turn up the fuelling on the injection pump to match. This should get you about 105 BHP. Any more boost pressure and you will see off the head gasket.

Next you need to upgrade the gasket, and than start thinking about things like milling the pistons to bring the compression ratio back down, cooling the intercooler with water and fitting a bigger intercooler in a better place than on top of the engine, fitting a big turbo, fitting a wilder cam, porting the head.

I know of a guy in Holland who has done most of the above to a 1.7 fitted in a BX (no water spray - yet!), and he is getting around 115 BHP

Best bet really is to chop it in and buy an HDi instead where you can release the gains simply by upgrading the chip!


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Pug 306 D-Turbo tuning - jim_mapps

Well ta.... but how do I adjust the wastegate and injection pump?
Pug 306 D-Turbo tuning - jim_mapps

Oh yeah and the exhaust is a de-cat system... surely this is gonna help with performance??? and I've surely induction kits on these things give more increase in power than they do with NA petrol engines cuz of the turbo being able to suck more air through???
Pug 306 D-Turbo tuning - jc
I've seen one running at 150 ps.Yeah?? I worked for a major manufacturer and we calibrated our dynamometers(a lot of the small firms can't even spell that).The only thing that will produce more power is more air and more fuel and for 150 you're not looking for driveability or reliability.
Pug 306 D-Turbo tuning - jim_mapps

OK so what is ur recommendation???
Pug 306 D-Turbo tuning - jc
Go back to RichardW or leave it alone.
Pug 306 D-Turbo tuning - jim_mapps

Is what I was thinking anyway but I just need to know how to do this???

Don't get me wrong, I know what I'm doing with engines but I never touched a turbo.
Pug 306 D-Turbo tuning - mark999
Take a look at www.upsolute.com. They will chip your car for
~ £320. You should get ~20% power increase and ~30% more torque.
All this can be done at your home at no extra cost.
Pug 306 D-Turbo tuning - RichardW
You can't 'chip' a D-Turbo as the XUD is mechanical injection and doesn't have a chip. You can take it Van Arken who will work over the turbo etc.

The turbo is altered by tweaking the wastegate - there are 2 makes of turbo fitted KKK or Garrett, and one is easier to mod than the other. If you look up the back of the engine you will see the turbo, if you can see a long threaded rod underneath you can adjust it to up the boost, if not adjusting the wastegate is more difficult as access if very limited to a bolt somewhere on the end (not sure where). Once you have upped the boost (to 1.1 bar max, using a gauge to check at 3000 rpm under full load), you can look at the injection pump. You need to increase the fuelling to match the new amount of air. There should be a bolt with a tamperproof cover somewhere which does this. Bosch injection pumps are better (cold start cable runs from the thermostat housing to the back of the pump), as the boost compensator can be adjusted also - try a google search.

I have not tried any of these mods myself, just toyed with the idea and did a bit of 'net research.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Pug 306 D-Turbo tuning - Malcolm_L
I had a Xantia TD (same engine as yours) which was 'worked on' by Van Aaken, power went from 90 to around 118, torque hike was about 20% too.
Fuel consumption dropped by about 7-8% but the extra mid range power more than made up for it - IIRC they also recommended going
to a full synthetic oil.

I ran the car for another 40k and never had a problem with it.

Pug 306 D-Turbo tuning - Hawesy1982
How much did the turbo tweaking cost? And do you need to inform your insurance company if it's only 'tweaked'?
Pug 306 D-Turbo tuning - jc
Most certainly;talk to them before you even start.
Pug 306 D-Turbo tuning - Malcolm_L
Around £400 - however this was in 95, so prices will have changed

I didn't inform the insurance company as the most noticeable enhancement was mid-range, I spoke 'on behalf of a friend' to a couple of companies and they were only interested in extra horsepower, driveability isn't a word they understood.

I'm not recommending not advising yr insurance company, however in the absence of a chip, the mod is very difficult to detect.

Even with the extra power the top speed was virtually unaffected as the gearing hadn't changed, I fitted larger wheels and tyres which didn't make a lot a difference to gearing but improved road-holding no end.
Pug 306 D-Turbo tuning - Vaughan

Hello folks. Let me just start by saying the price Van Aaken and a few other companies charge for this service is extremely high for what amounts to an hour's work if you know what you are doing. I have self-modified my 306 to record 114.8bhp and 182lb/ft torque as recorded at Willfield Motors in South Wales. The above posts are correct regarding the procedure for adjusting boost. My 306DT currently runs 1.2 bar of boost measured by a boost gauge plumbed into the boost compensator hose running from the compensation unit to the I/C. DTs runs 1bar (14.8psi) of pressure as standard, quite high for a little T2 or T2-sized unit which is almost continuously on-boost. I wouldn't recommend raising the boost above this unless you have invested in uprated intercooling, as the charge temperature rises greatly above 1.2 bar (18psi). 306DTs, like most other mechanical-injection diesels, are set to run with an almost continuous supply of air coming into the engine. there's no throttle butterfly as such, instead the throttle cable is connected to the fuel pump and fuel is injected on demand. Hence why raising fuelling is so vital to increasing power. There are two areas where the fuelling can be augmented: the maximum fuel setting, and the onboost fuelling. Maximum fuel settings --------------------- There are two types of fuel pump on the mech injected 306's: Bosch and Lucas. The Bosch pump is easy-peasy to adjust, the Lucas pump is more involved as it involves draining the pump of its contents of diesel and a bit of faffing about to get it into adjustable position. Onboost fuelling ---------------- The onboost fuelling is adjusted by the boost compensator unit: this is a brass-coloured assembly (on the Lucas pump) with a "nipple" protruding (it will be covered with a white anti-tamper fitting, this needs to be broken off and removed). The nipple must be unscrewed to a maximum of one-and-a-half to two turns. The Bosch pump has the boost compensator sitting on top of the fuel pump. Raising the fuel settings helps with turbo lag but also produces black smoke. The smoke is unburnt diesel being put through the engine; the limit to the tuning procedure is the amount of smoke produced/reduced fuel economy tolerated compared to the limit of the fuel pump's adjustment range. I currently run a Pipercross cone filter with custom heat shield on the 306, this is primarily to reduce the tank-like noise and give the engine some character. I'm not a believer that these items aid power on turbodiesels anyhow. As for exhaust, the 306 makes most of its back-pressure in the deflecter-type rear silencer and I have replaced the Peugeot system with a straight-through, catless Powerflow jobbie. Phew. Well, I guess I need to go to bed. I offer this service down here around the Portsmouth/South Coast area for £40. It's that simple.

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Pug 306 D-Turbo tuning - dmk962
well i would advise you to get in contact with all motorsport @ www.allardturbosport.co.uk. They can provide you with books on how to adjust the fuel pump and boost settings or they can do it for you. They can also provide you with all parts you need to up the bhp e.g. intercoolers and turbos. Also if you go to www.dervdoctor.co.uk and go to the gallery it shows d-turbo's which have been tuned and gives a list of their mods. One of them is sitting at 195bhp with NOS.
Pug 306 D-Turbo tuning - oldtoffee
>>You can take it Van Arken who will work over the turbo etc.

I'm not technical so I can't comment on much of the above but I can recommend Van Aaken. In 2001 I had my passat TDi upgraded with a Van Aaken Powerbox (115bhp to 136bhp). I had to wait a while as they were doing the same to a 306D Turbo. They handed it over to the driver and asked him to take it for a decent test drive. He came back astonished with the improvement. Had the same done to my 2003 Picasso HDi - same result in fact better than the Passat because the Passat was already brisk whereas the Picasso was slow from the start.
Pug 306 D-Turbo tuning - thomp1983
derv doctor will charge you £120+vat for whats known as a stage 1 tune which will show a reliable 120bhp. they are based in derby. if you decide to do it yourself then get a boost guage 1st, identify which pump/turbo combination you have, then adjust the fueling 1st until there is the 1st sign of black smoke at idle then adjust the turbo to show 18psi then wind the fueling back to remove the smoking and find a nice idle


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