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Overheating - David Lacey
Why oh why do some people drive on regardless when the temperature guage is in the red and steam coming from under the bonnet?
We have had a Rover 416 brought in to us from the nearby M5 suffering from coolant loss/overheating.
The engine had got so hot the plastic cambelt covers and other associated plasticwork on the engine had melted!
The reply 'Oh, I just wanted to get off the motorway, I was only half a mile form the junction' is all to common.

Needless to say, somebody has had an invoice from ourselves for £2135.14 for the repairs.

When will people learn?
Do we have a large indicator type light (as found in competition cars) to indicate low oil pressure and/or overheating?

Methinks it would make no difference.


Re: Overheating - Dave
David Lacey wrote:
> Do we have a large indicator type light (as found in
> competition cars) to indicate low oil pressure and/or
> overheating?

Audible warning?
Re: Overheating - David Woollard
Had one a while ago where the owner had lost all water from the system quite suddenly and decided to drive the four miles home. They said by the end of the journey the engine sounded and felt odd. Bet it did.

Amazingly they got away with it. Good job it wasn't a diesel Citroen, they are designed to punish you the instant the coolant goes.

Punctures - Stuart B
Same with these, and sorry to sterotype and profile, but it really was a baseball cap wearing Nova 1.3SR driver struggling through Stourport t'other weekend with an o/s front flat about to come off the rim, why?
Re: Punctures - John Slaughter
Was it his car?


Re: Punctures - jonbenj
I was passed by a new Passat driving woman on the M6 a few months back, doing about 90 with a flat n/s rear. When I mentioned this to a mate, he recalled that he'd once experienced a rear puncture at a similar sort of speed, and he swears the only giveaway, apart from other drivers flashing their lights and pointing, was the smell of burning rubber!!
Re: Punctures - Ian Cook
I shouldn't confess to this, but I will. Many years ago, whilst driving a company Cavalier, I had a rear puncture about a quarter of the way across the old Severn Bridge (before the new one was built). There was no way that I was going to stop and pay the compulsory recovery fee (not allowed to stop on the bridge and change a wheel).

I drove reasonably slowly (so as not to attract attention) until I got off the bridge, and then changed the wheel. The tyre was trashed, but it was over half worn anyway and my strategy was several pound cheaper than a tow.
Re: Punctures - Jonathan
Whats wrong with baseball caps???

Re: Punctures - Michael
funnily enough, I had a rear tyre blow out on a 5 series last year and I promise you that the only clue I had was when I saw a trail of blue smoke in the rear view mirror and a loud continuous noise from the rear. I was expecting to find a seized bearing or something similar and was very surprised to find a shredded tyre. I now know why bmw offer a dashboard tyre pressure monitor as an optional extra. I guess its testament to well designed rear suspension.
Re: Punctures - Stuart B
OK gents I can give you the flat at 70 mph as presumably the speed of rotation gives the tyre some shape, until you corner. But this Nova guy was doing 1mph with the rubber flapping all over the place.

Having driven to the end of special stages with a flat, oh the stupidity of competition, the tyre is clapped after about half a mile or less.
Re: Punctures - Michael
my neighbour drove home in his daihatsu mini jeep looking vehicle, with smoke pouring from the engine bay and the oil light on. "It's been like it for the last 20 came on at Jct 5 on the M25...". The oil filter had loosened and he had lost virtually all oil. Surprisingly, he made it home. Unsurprisingly it refused to start next day and cost £1600 to repair.
abusive comment - Darcy Kitchin
Particularly daft thing for him to do. Even 4x4s immune from traffic and parking laws don't work with no oil.
Puncture - Chris
I shouldn't admit this either, but I was driving on the M62 in my old Pug309 (now sadly departed). When I changed lanes it felt a bit "soft", but I put it down to the rutted inside lane and a strong-ish sidewind, it was so slight. When I got home I found that I had a flat on the nsr. Tyre red hot and ruined but not actually falling apart after about forty miles like that I suspect. Incidentally, when stationary the car was actually standing on three wheels. Fully independent suspension - dontcha just love it?

Re: Puncture - Dwight Van-Driver
Flats reminded me that yesterday I passed a dog on the A.19 it must have been flat as there was another trying to pump it up.........

Sorry Marc of this Forum Web Watch committee ... I could not resist and will smack my wrist twice.

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