1976 Earls Court motor show (Thames TV) - badbusdriver


Just happened upon this gem. Shame about the poor lighting but enjoyable all the same!.

Highlights for me were the Lancia Gamma and Monte Carlo, and the Colt Sigma (family friend had one, metallic brown of course) "which will happily run on two star petrol"!.

Also didn't realise that Vauxhall were in such a precarious position?

And of course given the current market, the electric car near the end has to be mentioned, not so much for the car itself, but for the hopelessly optimistic future predictions of battery range and tehnology (within the next 10 years), a car capable of 80mph with a 500 mile range........!!

1976 Earls Court motor show (Thames TV) - Oli rag
Love the alfasud sprint veloce, but would have been horrified if I’d bought one at how quickly it turned back in to iron oxide.

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