Should I buy a new petrol, hybrid or electric car?

In the next few months, I will buy a new SUV. Is it better to buy a petrol, plug-in hybrid or all-electric nowadays?

Asked on 24 May 2021 by MICHAEL FROST

Answered by Andrew Brady
It depends on your requirements. If you can charge a car at home (i.e. have off-road parking with access to electricity) and rarely travel further than, say, 150 miles from home, an electric car makes a lot of sense. If you regularly travel further than this, you'll have to be prepared to use the EV public charging infrastructure which can be a bit hit and miss (although it's rapidly improving). PHEVs are good stepping stones to EVs, particularly if you cover a lot of short journeys, while petrols make sense if you can't charge at home. Diesel cars are still a good choice if you cover a lot of miles.
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