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I forgot to put petrol cap after filling up petrol, then drove for about half an hour and only notice when reverse parking in my driveway. Have I spilled any petrol while I’m driving?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of diesel over petrol for a ten year old car?
I've been offered £450 off the list price for the Bi-Fuel Dacia Sandero, but there are no LPG stations near me. Should I take it and run it on petrol only, or pay extra and get the petrol-only version?
Please can you advise. We will be moving to Salisbury city centre and no longer need a Jag XF diesel sadly - wrong car for less use and urban. Having decided on a Honda Jazz 2014 SE that was safe, well...
My local BP garage is still charging £1.55 per litre for their cheapest diesel, much more than any prices mentioned in the article (although in November 2023 it was 10p more at £1.65). Why would BP be...
We rather need to replace our high mileage and well worn 2004 Ford Fiesta. Still good to drive and almost completely reliable apart from troublesome front springs. Problem is we live in the sticks, nowhere...
I want to buy a used car for my company. How to work out the fuel / electric cost so I can compare?
We have a Citroen C3 Picasso which we now wish to change. It has been a great success for a 6ft 1in man and 5ft 2ins wife. Motoring is local, South Somerset lanes, plus main and motorway driving in UK...
Is it normal for the engine to sound more like a diesel than petrol engine?
I recently purchased a 2004 Mondeo 2.0 LX auto, 175000 miles, and am only getting 22-24mpg around town when I was expecting 30mpg. The owner's manual suggests a range of 395 miles; I'm getting barely 300...

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